Acrylic sheet making machine

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ABS,PS,HIPS,PMMA refrigerator board, sanitary board production line

Refrigerator board:Mainly for refrigerator board lamps, chest of drawers, interior, water tray in ABS, HIPS board, sheet, including layer board;
Sanitary board:Mainly for sanitary products such as bathtub, shower room, steam room, sink, etc.
Small home appliances board:ABS, HIPS, PMMA sheet, co-extrusion board;
for water fountains, disinfecting cabinet  
Advertising board: PS, PMMA, ABS sheet for indication board, billboards, signs, decorative board and others
Automotive sheet: car dashboard, door panels, headlight shell plate.

100#Acrylic sheet making machine

200#Acrylic sheet making machine

300#Acrylic sheet making machine

600#Acrylic sheet making machine

700#Acrylic sheet making machine

1000#Acrylic sheet making machine

1200#Acrylic sheet making machine


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