PC sheet machine

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PC ABS Luggage Sheet Extrusion machine

The PC suitcase sheet extrusion line is designed to produce the 3-layer polycarbonate sheet as well as the thin corrugated polycarbonate film. As a complete set of multi-layer sheet extrusion equipment, our extrusion line can be easily adapted to different sheet widths. The inline slitter or cross-cutter, for example, can be added to the main extrusion equipment. 

The use of different extruder screws, extrusion dies, and auxiliary equipment allows the extruder to produce various kinds of polycarbonate sheets with thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 5mm, which are popular choices for making trolley luggage. 

With this sheet extrusion set-up, users can produce the anti-vibration, pressure-resistant suitcase extruded from the ABS, ABS plus PC, or PC materials. The extrusion equipment has the benefits of stable extrusion pressure, accurate lamination, and high quality profile. 
Technical Specifications

Model No.


Sheet Width


Sheet Thickness


Equipment Speed


Roller Diameter


Production Capacity


PC sheet machine

200#PC sheet machine

300#PC sheet machine

400#PC sheet machine

500#PC sheet machine

600#PC sheet machine

700#PC sheet machine


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