PC Sunshine sheet extrusion equipment

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PC Sunshine sheet extrusion equipment

PC hollow profile sheet extrusion machine(the size we can make as customer's request)

PC Sunshine sheet extrusion equipment functions:

1. Extruder
Specially designed extruder screw and advanced temperature control system retain the plastic properties of the polycarbonate resin while ensuring extrusion efficiency. High energy efficiency is a major benefit of this PC sheet extruder. The extruder motor consumes 20% less power than an equivalent motor made by our competitors. 
2. Extrusion Die
High quality alloy extrusion die lip and choker bar provides uniform pressure drop from die inlet to die lip. Precisely machined die assures good quality of finished extruded sheet. 
3. Vacuum Calibration Table 
The thermal convection system of the calibration table features an intersection arrangement which ensures the hot PC resin flow is effectively cooled and the final extrudate achieves the desired shape and accurate dimensions. As far as the shape forming process is concerned, our multiwall sheet extrusion machinery allows rapid shape formation through sizing and cooling without the need of cold water. It helps save energy and improves efficiency. 
4. Dry Vacuum Calibrator 
The vacuum calibrator consists of 2 independent sub-systems, which are equipped with many close-loop vacuum channels.
5. Electrical Control System 
Programmable logic control (PLC) ensures precise extrusion process parameters and optimized operation features.

The company's leading product is "complete sets of hollow profile sheet production line series and molds", according to the difference of thickness, width, structure, shape, plastic materials used in the production has different classifications:

1. According to product width: we have 1400mm, 1800mm, 2300mm, 2400mm,2600mm, 2800 units

2. According to product thickness: we have 2-6mm, 6-12mm, 12-18mm unit

3. According to the product structure: we have double wall sheet, three wall sheet, four wall sheet,

4. According to product shape: we have ordinary type I, S type, V type, X type, 米 type, etc.

5. Use plastic raw materials according to products: we have PP, PE, PC

In addition, there are also a series of products such as thin sheet and hollow file films for greenhouses,etc series products.

Main Parts of PC Hollow Profile Sheet Extrusion Machine

1.Single screw extruder                        
2.Hydraulic pressure quick change filter net 
4.Calibration table 
5.First haul-off unit
6. Oven
7.Cooling station
8.Second haul-off unit
9.Cutting unit 
10.Automatic control cabinet
11.Stack table
12.Screw loader

Benefits of PC hollow profile sheet extrusion machine

1. Required high production efficiency

2. Production flexibility( controllable sheet thickness and width, for example, you can produce 2-6mm thick sheet with the same mould or machine)

3. Reliability and stability

4.Excellent Adaptability to different raw material and reach over 30% production cost reduction.

5. Size and shape diversity of finished products

100#PC Sunshine sheet extrusion equipment functions:

200#PC Sunshine sheet extrusion equipment functions:

300#PC Sunshine sheet extrusion equipment functions:

400#PC Sunshine sheet extrusion equipment functions:

500#PC Sunshine sheet extrusion equipment functions:

600#PC Sunshine sheet extrusion equipment functions:

700#PC Sunshine sheet extrusion equipment functions:


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