PVB glass interlayer film equipment

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PVB film


PVB film production line is R&D, innovation and successfully manufactured by Wuhan Handern Machinery Co.,ltd,it is the largest PVB film production line in China domestic,use the PVB new material to produce PVB film that suitable for car windshields and solar cell back panel,this project now is the leader in China domestic.


Machine type:HD-PVB-3500B(2800\1600type)

Main technical parameter:PVB film width:3200mm(max)

                     PVB film thickness:0.38-1.52mm

                     Film shrinkage:2%

                     Output per hour:500-800kg/h

              Machine total length:80

              Machine width:8

1.Special screw design ensures uniform extrusion materials to suit different  PVB raw material produce.

2, Automatic water cooling structure, can more effectively control the temperature to ensure high-quality products.

3, Using intelligent metering method and automatically adjusts the pressure before and after the measurement,make the raw material extrusion more evenly, greatly improved product quality and reduce energy consumption.

4, Special die lip design, let the product quality more stable and reliable.


100# PVB film machine

200#PVB glass  interlayer film machine

300#PVB glass  interlayer film machine

400#PVB glass  interlayer film machine

500#PVB glass  interlayer film machine

600#PVB glass  interlayer film machine

700#PVB glass  interlayer film machine


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