PVC sheet equipment

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PVC sheet equipment

The PVC floor production line consists of PVC calendered sheet unit, PVC coating unit and PVC sheet laminating unit.

The main products are commercial flooring, sports flooring, etc., which are mostly used in airports, subway high-speed rails, sports fields, automobiles, schools, and homes. It is a new type of healthy weathering and reduction vibration-proof floor.

PVC calendered sheet unit: The PVC powder is made into a bottom material of about 1 mm and embossed, and the composite non-woven fabric can be used at the same time.

PVC coating unit: The PVC slurry is sprayed, dried, foamed, etc. to make a floor foam layer.

PVC sheet laminating unit: The bottom layer, the top layer, the printing layer, the foam layer and the glass fiber layer are laminated and embossed into a product.

Product equipment parameters:

Screw: twin screw extruder

Sheet width: 1200-2800mm

Sheet thickness: 1.5-5mm

Production capacity: 500-600kg/h

100# PVC sheet equipment

200# PVC sheet equipment

300# PVC sheet equipment

400# PVC sheet equipment

500# PVC sheet equipment

600# PVC sheet equipment

700# PVC sheet equipment

800# PVC sheet equipment

900# PVC sheet equipment

110# PVC sheet equipment

120# PVC sheet equipment


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