carpet machine for car

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Car mat and carpet back compound machine

This machine mainly use in the sound insulation decorative car carpet back lamination compound and five pictures embossing lamination of car carpet,the machine designed reasonable ,structure compact,easy operation,the machine has been put into production in many large-scare enterprises,its products has been supplied to the Bluebird winds,Guangzhou Honda,Chery and other car type even sold to abroad.

Machine type:SJ110/33-DF1800

The extrusion lamination capacity is 0.5-1.5kg/

Annual output is 1 million square meters,that means the annual extrusion capacity is 1500 tons,calculate to 260 days,then each day can make 6 tons,each hour the max. Extrusion capacity is 250KG.

100#carpet machine for car

200#carpet machine for car

300#carpet machine for car

400#carpet machine for car

500#carpet machine for car

600#carpet machine for car

700#carpet machine for car

800#carpet machine for car


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