Special film machine

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Special film production line

The solution produces films for materials such as PP, PE, PCTFE, EVA, PVDF, PVB, CPP, etc., from raw materials, process control to finished products and production efficiency. Our capabilities are based on more than ten years of research, development and manufacturing of cast film series machinery, providing objective advice and customized detailed solutions to meet your specific production and product requirements. Whether it's a single part or a complete line of production, Wuhan Handern machinery can make your cost-effectiveness and equipment life cycle performance ideal.

Special film production line Series:

1.PVDF film production line

2. PCTFE film production line

3. Water-proof breathable film extrusion machine

4.PVB film production line

5.Blaxially oriented film production line

6.PVC shrink film production line

7.lithium-ion battery separating film production line 

8.EVA film production line

9.Single-layer,multi-layer co-extrusion casting film machine

10.Solar cell back panel use PET film production line

100#Special film machine

200#Special film  machine

300#Special film machine

400#Special film  machine

500#Special film  machine

600#Special film  machine

700#Special film  machine

800#Special film  machine


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