S-shaped fluted board machine

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S-shaped hollow grid plate production line
Hollow grid plate applications: electronics, automotive, machinery, logistics, glass, advertising, food and other industries.

The main products are: plastic hollow board, conductive hollow board, hollow board, flame retardant hollow board, S type hollow board, PP hollow board, Wantong board, advertising board. Glass bottle layer-pad, vegetable and fruit packaging box, hollow board turnover box, turnover trolley, packing box, refrigerator back board, refrigerator bottom tray, advertising display board, display box and various pads, insert boards, partitions, liners board,etc.

Benefits of PP hollow profile sheet extrusion machine

1. Required high production efficiency

2. Production flexibility( controllable sheet thickness and width, for example, you can produce 2-6mm thick sheet with the same mould or machine)

3. Reliability and stability

4.Excellent Adaptability to different raw material and reach over 30% production cost reduction.

5. Size and shape diversity of finished products

100#S-shaped fluted board machine

120#S-shaped fluted board machine

130#S-shaped fluted board machine

140#S-shaped fluted board machine

150#S-shaped fluted board machine

160#S-shaped fluted board machine

170#S-shaped fluted board machine


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