Heat-resistant PET tray

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Heat-resistant PET tray

      With the progress of society and the acceleration of the pace of life, the time required for cooking and cooking has been shortened and simplified, and the popularity of electronic microwave ovens is increasing year by year. This requires packaging materials with good heat resistance that can be applied to ordinary electric stoves and microwave ovens, so that the packaged food can enter the electric stove or microwave oven as soon as it comes out of the freezer, and then enter the table for human consumption. Heat-resistant PET trays are placed A special dish in a microwave oven. This kind of plate was first produced by Idemitsu Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and its trade name is "リプレイ". It is a CPET plate that is crystallized using a special sheet material through special thermoforming. It can maintain good heat resistance while maintaining good heat resistance. Prevent embrittlement caused by crystallization. That is to say, this kind of molding can obtain a disk with a balance of impact resistance and heat resistance at low temperatures, and its color is the natural color of the resin polymer, which gives people a clean feeling.
      The characteristics of heat-resistant PET discs are: First, excellent cold resistance: It has the impact resistance of PP at room temperature, and when it is frozen at -20℃, the impact resistance does not decrease at all, which is twice that of PP and second. The heat can reach 230°C, and there will be no softening, discoloration, or size change at 230°C; third, it is suitable for microwave ovens: steaks and hamburgers with rich fat content can reach 170°C in a suitable time, and the water will quickly evaporate. Food protein and carbohydrates heat up at around 200 and are quickly cooked and edible; fourth, the applicability of electric stoves is good: electric stoves, gas stoves and radiation are all possible. However, the stove used in the home cannot be used when the temperature reaches extremes; fifth, it has good chemical resistance and food hygiene; sixth, it has a good appearance and texture.


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