?PLA sheet production line

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PLA sheet production line

        The PLA sheet production line uses the biodegradable environmental protection material PLA (polylactic acid) as the main raw material, plus the company's designer, to produce polylactic acid foamed sheets and foamed boards. These sheets can be blister-formed into sheets of various shapes on the forming machine.

    2. Performance characteristics:

  1. Foaming ratio: 5-20 times    

  2. The product has excellent performance, good strength, uniform cell surface and smooth surface, high heat resistance     

  3. The product has passed various certifications such as compost degradation and non-toxic inspection in Europe and the United States

Three, product application is widely used in electronic product shells, auto parts, medical equipment, clothing fibers, agricultural mulch, food packaging, tableware and other fields.

     4. equipment composition

  Co-rotating twin-screw extruder, screen changer, melt metering pump, mold, calender, cooling bracket, trimming device, tractor, duplex winding machine, etc.

Five, equipment advantages

  1. Equipped with a precision distributor, the layering is even, the proportion of each layer is adjustable, and the precision of digital control is provided.

  2. The inclined and horizontal tablet pressing structure is more convenient for operation and maintenance.

  3. The roller has independent power, and the linear speed and the extruder speed are synchronously closed-loop controlled.

  4. The whole machine adopts PLC control to realize automatic control of parameter setting, data calculation and feedback, alarm and other functions.


       100#PLA sheet production line

        200#PLA sheet production line

        300#PLA sheet production line

        400#PLA sheet production line

        500#PLA sheet production line

        600#PLA sheet production line

        700#PLA sheet production line


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