coating machine?kd-168

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coating machine?kd-168

This production line is a high-speed double extrusion compounding line, suitable for coating grade coating resin such as LDPE, LLDPE, PP, EVA, EAA, EMAA, etc. It is applied to single and double-sided paper-plastic (paper cup paper, release paper) composite molding. Extrusion compounding line.

Production line characteristics
1. The production line mainly consists of extrusion, composite (positive/reverse), double station unwinding, rectification, cutting, traction, corona, trimming and trimming, static elimination, winding, changing, unloading , electronic control system and other components.
2. The structure design of the whole machine is firm and firm, and the appearance is generous; at the same time, the introduction of foreign advanced technology ensures stable production with high productivity and high line speed and has high quality product appearance and performance.
3. The extrusion screw has a large aspect ratio design structure, equipped with a cast iron air-cooled heater, a hydraulic quick-change device; the introduction of the Italian labyrinth static mixer; the T-die uses a high-precision imported original brand.
4. The cooling roller adopts a large-diameter special flow passage cooling structure to ensure good cooling effect and uniform roll surface temperature in high-speed production;
5. After setting the temperature, only use the lifting speed, automatically calculate according to the setting parameters, the speed changes, the thickness of the coating is constant, and it can also be operated independently.
6. Fully automatic constant tension control, large roll diameter and high speed automatic roll change; the extruder can be equipped with single extrusion, double extrusion and multi-layer co-extrusion according to customer requirements.
7. The whole machine adopts PLC control and human-machine interface touch screen operation, which can set parameters arbitrarily, and has functions such as automatic calculation, memory, detection and alarm. Support network remote detection, which provides more comprehensive maintenance for the system.
8. The electrical control components are all well-known brands at home and abroad, and the production line runs smoothly and reliably, which better guarantees the quality of the equipment.

1. Higher tensile strength, air tightness and moisture resistance.
2. Green, beautiful, economical and practical.

Main use of the product
It is used in paper cups, paper bowls, instant noodle bowls, label papers, double-sided adhesive release paper, digital photo paper, book packaging, and melon packaging.

The main technical parameters 
  • Model: XD-GLM-1200/XD-GLM-1450/XD-GLM-1450/XD-GLM-1700
  • Screw length to diameter ratio: 35:1
  • Product width: 600-1100mm/800-1350mm/1000-1600mm
  • Coating thickness: 0.01-0.05 mm/0.01-0.1 mm/0.01-0.05 mm
  • Design line speed: 220 m/min/280 m/min/280 m/min
  • Maximum extrusion capacity: 220kg/h/330kg/h/380kg/h
  • Total power: 290kw/350kw/410kw
  • Weight: 25t/30t/35t

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