construction template making machine

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construction template making machine

Specifications of PP plastic polypropylene hollow sheet machine

1.finished board thickness:2-6 6-12 12-18mm(with the same die for the thickness range)
2.finished width:1550-2550mm (1400,1800,2300,2700)
3.output: 400kg/h 
4.line speed:1-10m/min

The configuration of machines can be CUSTOMIZED according to your needs!

Application and usage of PP plastic polypropylene hollow sheet machine

PP plastic polypropylene hollow sheet machine is to produce PP coeeugated board, PP hollow board, PP fluted board and so on. 
these boards are widely used as package board, advertisement board,refrigerator board and barrier board.

Our Services

1)Provide considerate service to minimize clients' worries 

2)help clients to prepare for the first construction scheme 

3)Install and debug the equipment

4)Train operators for clients 

5)Examine the machine

6)Take initiatives to eliminate the troubles rapidly 

7)Provide perfect service 

8)Provide technical exchange.

100#construction template making machine

200#construction template making machine

300#construction template making machine

400#construction template making machine

500#construction template making machine

600#construction template making machine

700#construction template making machine

800#construction template making machine


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