Company advantages

Company advantages :

company's product:
The company set up a research and development team to develop products. The product has high energy-saving output and fully automatic computer control. Form a product range for different customer needs. Focus on R&D of new product. Precision processing equipment guarantees the rigor and precision of manufacturing.

Corporate Services:

 pre-selling support:
Provide consulting services to help users with feasibility analysis.
Provide design methods and design size configurations for a range of products.
Provide information on the grades, performance indicators, requirements, suppliers and reference prices of raw materials for production.
Provides new production processes for sheet, sheet, profile and film, as well as extrusion molding and process parameters.
Provide quality control indicators for new sheets, sheets, profiles, films, quality control points and their quality testing procedures and methods.
Provides common troubleshooting points in the production of new sheets, sheets, profiles and films.
Provide reference materials for project feasibility analysis.

After sales service:
The supplier is trained on the supplier before delivery, including both theory and practice.
Before the equipments leaving our facotry, the equipment will be installed, commissioned until the customer's operator can start to produce qualified products. After the equipments arrived in customer's factory, we will do the same steps.
The equipment warranty period is one year. If the equipment is damaged due to non-human factors during the warranty period, the supplier is responsible for repair or replacement it. (From the date of shipment) During the warranty period, if there are non-human damage parts, the company will provide the purchaser free of charge.
Outside the warranty period, the company will provide the purchaser with a reasonable and reasonable price.
“The supplier will provide the main electrical appliances, parts and components instructions and maintenance books, instructions for the use of the equipment, and maintenance information for the whole machine.
The supplier is responsible for assisting in the installation, commissioning and training services. The equipment is shipped three times a year after delivery, and the equipment accessories are supplied at a preferential price after three packs a year.

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