extrusion lamination?flexible packaging

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extrusion lamination?flexible packaging

The machine working features:this machine consists of unwinding,coating,drying,lamination,assistant unwinding,extrusion mold,winding,and control parts.Compute control high efficiency,high quality.

Technical principle:Adopts extrusion type heating the thermoplastic plastic pellets,melt and flow from the mold forming the film and lamination with the basic material which has AC pre-coating,the finished products has the functions of no-smell,its the first choice equipment to produce pre-coating film.

Suitable for LDPE,LLDPE,EVA,EAA,etc lamination grade resin

Suitable for BOPP(15-60um),BOPET(12-50um)main unwinding basic material

Product width:800-1500mm

Line speed:max.150m/min

Extruder: 90 or 100

Extruder motor power:47~75kw

Extrusion capacity:max.260KG/H

Use resin:LDPE、PPEVAEAALLDPEEMAEMAA,etc lamination grade resin( mainly use EVA

Coating thickness:8~30μm

Evenness of thickness: ≤±5%

Unwinder diameter: maximum ф800mm

Basic materials: BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPE, CPP, paper(50~200g/m2)

AC agent coating & Oven : coating by gloss roll, horizontal oven

Winder diameter: maximum ф800mm

Tension control: winding,unwinding automatic tension control

Electrical control: imported programmed PLC controller HMI control

Inverter:  AC digit vector control frequency inverter

Main technical data

Product width(mm)


Max.speed m/min


Production application:

Paper:Kraft paper, laid paper, white cardboard composite,used in books packing,melon seeds bag packaging ,woven fabric bags lamination,etc


BOPP,BOPET,BOPA etc plastic film basic material lamination with PE,PP casting film.


Non-woven fabric lamination with PE,PP casting film

Aluminum foil lamination with PE casting film.

100#extrusion lamination?flexible packaging

200#extrusion lamination?flexible packaging

300#extrusion lamination?flexible packaging

400#extrusion lamination?flexible packaging

500#extrusion lamination?flexible packaging

600#extrusion lamination?flexible packaging

700#extrusion lamination?flexible packaging

800#extrusion lamination?flexible packaging


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