film embossing machine

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Embossed film production line


Production line speed: 80-150m/min


Product width: 1500mm-2500mm


Product thickness: 0.015mm-0.08mm


Production capacity(max): 200-300-400-500-600KG/h


Products: Embossed sanitary napkin packaging film, household film, sanitary embossed packaging film


Overview: The raw materials are extruded through an extruder, which can be co-extruded in a single layer or three layers, casting and forming, and then subjected to corona treatment,wind in a roll. (cutting edge and online recycling device to ensure the reasonable use of raw materials)


Provide related equipment: silicone oil coating, printing, slitting, etc.


Application: sanitary napkin packaging, hygiene products packaging, etc.

100#Embossed film film embossing machine

200#Embossed film film embossing machine

300#film embossing machine

400#film embossing machine

500#film embossing machine

600#film embossing machine

700#film embossing machine


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