foaming sheet production line

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foaming sheet production line

Single layer/multi layer co-extrusion sheet/board production line


Steel board packing sheet extrusion machine

PS, PP yogurt cup 2-layers co-extrusion sheet Machine

ABS,PMMA 2-layers or3-layerse co-extrusion Shower

  thermoforming machine

PVC waterproof rolling sheet extrusion machine

Building /Decoration PC were board extrusion machine

PET three-layer co-extrusion sheet machine

PVC free foam sheet extrusion machine


    This serier machine Include 2-layers,3 and 5 layers co-

extrusion sheet (board) line.suitable for PE, PP,PS,ABS, PVC,

PC, PMMA. PET sheet, board production;

    Range of products : Width 600mm-4000mm. thickness:

0.20mm-1.0mm for Sheet, 1.0-6.0mm for board. 5-20mm for

thick board

100#foaming sheet production line

200#foaming sheet production line

300#foaming sheet production line

400#foaming sheet production line

500#foaming sheet production line

600#foaming sheet production line

700#foaming sheet production line


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