lamination machine china

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lamination machine china

The solution mainly for composite materials  such as PVC, PP, PE, EVA, etc., from raw materials, process control to finished products. Our capabilities are based on more than a decade of research, development and manufacturing of composite equipment series machinery, providing objective advice and customized detailed solutions to meet your specific production and product requirements. Whether it's a single part or a complete line of production, Wuhan Handern machinery can make your cost-effectiveness and equipment life cycle performance ideal.

Handern can also test the performance of raw materials and the performance of products according to customer requirements. After purchasing the compound production line of our company, the customer can directly produce and sell, and save the customer's time by the factory-profit mode.

The complete composite production line produced by our company has been precision-built from the key components such as feeding, extruder, mold, composite forming and tractor, so that the quality of mechanical products is stable.

Extruder: Screw design and temperature control system, the extruder has stable plasticizing performance and extrusion efficiency.

Mold: Alloy lip and adjustable choke to provide uniform pressure.

Electrical control system: PLC control is used to control parameters and optimize operating characteristics.

Lamination machine type:

1. Extrtusion casting laminating composite production line

2. Pre-coating film extrusion lamination machine

3. Solar back panel lamination machine

4. Coating lamination machine

5. Car mat and carpet back compound machine

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200#lamination machine china

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