Wuhan Handern calender

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Wuhan Handern calender
(1) The guiding roller is close to the calender, which plays the role of guiding away the film. The number of guide roller visual processing varieties and habits: different, hard film - generally need more than three. For example, I-type calender is generally used in the ruvettemen process, and three height guiding rolls are installed in the transverse direction of the upper roll. For soft film, Japan is used to using one guiding roller, while Western Europe is used to using more than two. Air permeable membrane machine www.www.dressup9x.com
(2) A device for transverse stretching of a film in a molten state. Clamp and V-type electric heating with fire can be used as heat source in stretching. Ordinary calender does not have this transpose.
(3) The copper roller and rubber roller are used to tie the flower. Under the hole roller, the straight light of fangboyin roller is lighter than that of ginning roller, and the inner cavities of duck flower roller and leather roller are cooled by water. There are two cooling purposes: (1) to make the pattern cool and set; (2) to protect the leather roller, to make it aging too fast
4) The cooling device is composed of several steel and aluminum grinding rollers with jacket, which can cool and shape Yujiao.
(5) The filter and β - ray thickness gauge are installed behind the cooling device, which is convenient to pass through the light and check the appearance quality of the products by naked eyes. X-ray thickness measurement is only based on nuclear radiation method. When the ray emitted from the radioactive isometric meter passes through the initial thirsty material, due to the existence of the material, the penetration rate will be reduced, that is, part of it will be absorbed. According to the exponential relationship between the thickness of the measured material and the angle of absorption, the thickness of the measured material can be directly discussed from the indicator through the internal conversion of the instrument.
(6) The coiler of coiling and cutting device has two forms: surface coiler and center coiler. The surface coiler is coiled by the weight friction between the old coiler and the old products. When the coiling diameter increases, the coiling speed is accelerated and the tension is increased. The tension can be adjusted by the automatic adjusting machine.
The central coiler is mainly used for the coiling of artificial leather or products that need printing or deep pressing patterns after coiling. In order to make the tension constant, the torque motor is usually used for tension control.
With the increase of calender speed, the coiler speed is also increased accordingly. In order to reduce labor intensity and ensure safe production, after years of research and development, both surface coiling and central coiling have been automated. Air permeable membrane machine www.www.dressup9x.com
(7) The metal detector detects whether the roll sent to calender contains metal, so as to protect the roll from damage. In addition, the auxiliary machine also includes feeding swing bucket, cutting device, cloth drying roller used in calendering artificial leather, preheating roller, laminating device, etc.
Causes of elastic deformation of roller cylinder
① The separating force is the force of separating the two similar rollers into two kinds.
The separation force is for the two wontons. When it comes to a roller, it is often called transverse pressure. For example, the I and small separation forces of the four roll calender are the transverse pressure, while the transverse pressure of the I and I rolls is the sum of the two separation forces. PP and P indicate the direction of the transverse pressure of each roll.
In addition to the transverse pressure, the roller is also affected by the self weight and friction. Air permeable membrane machine www.www.dressup9x.com


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