Forming method of Wuhan Handernglass steel

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Forming method of Wuhan Handernglass steel
There are several processing methods of glass copper. Embossed film production line
1. Winding
It is found that your process operation consists of three steps, such as supplying yarn blocking, the machine sand is wound by resin bath (warm winding) or resin pre impregnation (thousand winding), and then wound on the core, and the thread machine arranges the layers into multi-layer glass roving according to the predetermined way. After winding, it is localized in the incubator to make the glass fiber and resin into a whole, and then the core is removed to form a product, which generally does not need to be repaired. Its production diagram is shown in figure; - 32. The products manufactured by industrial seven wire winding process include chemical storage tanks, pressure vessels, reinforced pipes and various electrical equipment parts.
2. Manual arrangement
Hand laid thermosetting polyesters and epoxies that are usually cured at room temperature. At the beginning, the resin is brushed or sprayed on the surface of the die and punch, then the glass fabric is added on the resin layer, and the air is removed by roller or brush. Repeat to the required thickness. It is usually cured at room temperature, but it can also be accelerated by heating. After curing, the product is removed from the mold and trimmed. Embossed film production line
When the production cost is small and other processing methods are very expensive, the manual non cloth method is used. The hull, car body and Zenda radome are typical examples of this method.
3. Spray
Spraying method is a mechanical form of manual arrangement. It uses glass roving instead of expensive woven glass fabric, so it is a more economical method, and can reduce labor intensity compared with manual arrangement.
Usually, roving is cut into required length by cutting feed. The cut roving is mixed with the resin stream at the head of the spray gun, and the resulting mixture is sprayed onto the surface of the mold until the required thickness is formed. The resin flow is mixed in a single spray gun or by two spray guns in a cross operation mode. After the spray operation, the mixture is rolled to remove the air and level the surface of the part. Curing is carried out at room temperature or accelerated by heating.
Spray products include shower compartments, bathtubs, hull, truck body, furniture and various containers and tanks. Production line of jet embossed film
4. Continuous traction
In this process, the continuous glass roving passes through the resin bath and then through the calibration ring into a sleeve. The calibration ring is used to remove excess resin and trapped air, and to calibrate the final diameter of glass steel. The extracted FRP material is cured in an incubator. Continuous traction is shown in figure 7-34.
5. Molding
This is the largest batch production method of FRP. In this process, the glass fiber mesh, fabric or preform are put into the cavity of the mold together with the resin, and then formed under the conditions of heating and pressure. The molding cycle is 1-5 minutes, depending on the nature of the resin used and the geometry of the part.
Molding is used in the production of parts with high requirements for size. Such as the production of components used in aviation and space technology. Compared with other FRP manufacturing process, the cost of mould is higher.
6. Continuous lamination
In this process, the glass fabric layer is passed through the resin bath and placed between the cellophane sheets, and the resin is cured through the heating zone. The resin content and thickness of laminated products are controlled by extrusion roller.
7. Injection molding
With the help of the following two methods, glass fiber is introduced into plastics.
(1) In a separate processing operation, glass fibers are mixed into the resin. Chopped glass fiber is usually used here.
(2) The cut glass fiber yarn, broken glass or glass beads are mixed with plastic particles or powder on the roller before forming.
The injection molding process is similar to that of unreinforced plastics. Attention should be paid to minimize the shear stress in the molding process. Excessive shear stress will reduce the length of fiber in the final product, thus reducing the strength and modulus.


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