Wuhan Handern Seiko FRP

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Wuhan Handern Seiko FRP
According to the Henghe Jiqing meat fiber reinforced plastic into a true reinforced plastic. It is a new type of composite material made of synthetic resin as drilling agent, glass fiber and real products (glass cloth, glass belt, etc.) as reinforcing materials. Coating machine www.handern.con
Glass steel has many excellent technical characteristics. Its specific gravity is only 1.4 ~ 2.0, only 1 / 4 ~ 1 / 6 of ordinary steel, about 1 / 3 lighter than light metal aluminum. The strength of FRP can reach more than 392.3mpa (000kg / cm2), which is even higher than that of ordinary steel according to the specific strength. Glass fiber reinforced plastic is an excellent thermal insulation material, and its thermal conductivity is only 1 / 100 ~ 1 / 1000 of that of Jin State. Under the action of ultra-high temperature, FRP can produce a lot of gas and absorb a lot of heat. Therefore, in some special cases, FRP is an excellent material for thermal protection and ablation resistance. FRP also has excellent corrosion resistance, good resistance to water, atmosphere, low concentration of acid and alkali salts, a variety of oils and solvents. FRP has a variety of excellent electrical insulation properties, can pass through high-frequency radio waves, and has important applications in electronic and electrical technology.
FRP products also have the characteristics of simple forming and processing. Glass fiber reinforced plastic products can be hand laid, molded, wound and spray molding, the process is not very complex. Coating machine www.handern.con
1、 Raw materials
The main raw materials of glass products are glass fiber and its products and the binder glass fiber with resin as the main body. According to different manufacturing methods, glass fiber can be basically divided into fixed length fiber and continuous winding fiber. The fixed length fiber is made by injection method, such as glass wool, whose shape is similar to cotton wadding, and is mainly used as thermal insulation and heat insulation materials; the vast majority of FRP is made of continuous fiber. According to the chemical composition, the continuous long fiber can be divided into alkali fiber and alkali metal oxide content more than 10%; low alkali fiber alkali metal oxide content 2 ~ 6%; non alkali fiber alkali metal oxide content less than 1%. Glass fiber reinforced plastics are mostly alkali free fibers.
2. Resin and auxiliary agent
In the process of FRP molding, the resin changes from linear structure to network structure, that is, from soluble resin to insoluble resin, so as to bond the glass fiber into a whole. There are many kinds of synthetic resins for FRP, among which phenolic resin, epoxy resin and unsaturated polyester resin are the most widely used. Phenolic resin has good heat resistance, instantaneous ultra-high temperature resistance, good electrical performance, good corrosion resistance and low price. Therefore, it is widely used as insulating material and ablative material for motors and electrical appliances. Its disadvantage is that it must be formed by high temperature and high pressure, and its mechanical strength is poor, so its application in large products is limited. Epoxy resin and glass fiber have strong adhesion, high mechanical properties, excellent electrical properties and good chemical corrosion resistance. Various high pressure vessels and tanks can be made by filament winding process. Polyester resin has good processability, low viscosity, can be cured at room temperature, and there is no corrosion in the curing process
So it is suitable for hand lay up and can be used to manufacture large-scale special-shaped components. Polyester FRP has high strength, but low modulus and easy deformation, so it is seldom used in the parts with strong stress. In addition, there are melamine, silicone resin, phthalate dipropylene ester resin. Coating machine www.handern.con


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