Properties of Wuhan modern thermoplastic glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRTP)

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Properties of thermoplastic glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRTP)
The performance characteristics of thermoplastic glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRTP) can be summarized as follows. Plastic sheet production line
① Specific strength is high. Strength is calculated according to unit mass, which is called specific strength. The specific strength of reinforced plastics is better than that of general metal materials. Although the density of glass fiber is higher than that of organic fiber, it is lower than that of ordinary metal and is equivalent to that of aluminum, with the value of 1.25 ~ 1.9g/cm3 (the density of carbon fiber is 1.85g/cm2). The density of polymer resin is generally 0.9 ~ 1.4g/cm3 (the density of polytetrafluoroethylene is 1.1 ~ 1.3g/cm2). Due to the addition of glass fiber in the polymer resin, the density of the reinforced plastics is generally increased. But even so, the density of FRTP is between 1.1 and 1.6 g / cm2, only 15 times that of steel. However, the strength of the new type of mechanical materials is much higher than that of the engineering materials. It is of great significance in the application of aircraft, rocket, missile and other means of delivery that require mass reduction. Plastic sheet production line
② Good thermal properties are generally not reinforced thermoplastic, its thermal deformation temperature is low, can only be used below 50 ~ 100C. However, the thermal deformation temperature of the reinforced plastics increases significantly, so it can be used for long-term work above 100 ° C or even 150 ~ 200 ° C. For example, the thermal deformation temperature of PA6 is about 50 ° C before reinforcement, and it can reach 120 ° C after reinforcement. ③ The good electrical insulation performance is due to the fact that glass fiber is a good electrical insulator, so the electrical insulation of FRTP is determined by the bulk polymer resin. -Generally speaking, FRTP is an excellent electrical insulating material, which can be used as insulating parts in motors, electrical appliances and instruments. FRTP products can still maintain good dielectric properties under high frequency, which are not affected by electromagnetic effect, do not reflect radio waves, and have good microwave transmission, so they are also valued in national defense. Plastic sheet production line
④ Besides hydrofluoric acid and other strong corrosive media, the chemical corrosion resistance of glass fiber is excellent. The chemical corrosion resistance of FRTP generally depends on the bulk polymer resin. But in FRTP, the variety of reinforcing materials can also be changed, such as changing glass fiber to carbon fiber, boron fiber or asbestos fiber, etc., so the strength and corrosion resistance will be different.


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