Filling modification of Wuhan Xiandai Xiangxian propylene

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Filling modification of Wuhan Xiandai Xiangxian propylene
Non woven machinery
Filling modification is to add inorganic filler or organic filler in the process of plastic molding, so as to reduce the cost of raw materials, achieve the purpose of increment, or make obvious changes in the performance of plastic products, but these changes are often produced at the expense of some properties. Filling modified PP has the following characteristics: 1) cost reduction: the price of inorganic fillers (such as calcium carbonate, wedding stone powder, etc.) is much lower than that of PP, which can greatly reduce the cost of filling PP, and has excellent economic benefits: improving the heat resistance: now all kinds of crystal products have higher and higher requirements on the heat resistance of plastic parts, ordinary PP is difficult to meet the requirements, street words adding inorganic fillers is to improve the heat resistance of PP It is an effective way to improve the quality of life. For example, the thermal deformation temperature of PP with talcum powder can reach IDC: ③ improve the rigidity: PP is used in many occasions, but its rigidity is not enough. Generally, the bending modulus of PP is about 0mp, which can be improved by adding inorganic filler. Its bending modulus can reach 2000 ~ 300mpa. It has obvious stiffening effect. If we want to further improve the rigidity, we need to use reinforced filler, such as wollastonite. Glass fiber and so on: 4. Reduce the molding yield and improve the dimensional stability: PP is a crystalline polymer, which has a large shrinkage rate (1.5% ~ 2.0%) in the molding process, which is easy to cause unqualified size. In addition, PP ﹣ is prone to post crystallization, resulting in the buckling and cracking of PP products. In order to reduce molding shrinkage and improve dimensional stability, adding inorganic fillers is an effective means, such as PP with 3% sodium silicate, Its molding shrinkage can be reduced to about 1%. 5. Some functions can be added to PP by adding inorganic fillers. For example, a large amount of calcium carbonate can be used to prepare degradable PP plastics. Adding silver sulfate can greatly increase the density of P, give the effect of wooden sound box, and shield X-ray radiation. Filling amount of stone powder can improve the antistatic property of PP. Non woven machinery
In a word, due to the above characteristics and advantages, Filled PP has developed rapidly, developed the earliest, and has been widely used. It is one of the most important technologies of P modification. Non woven machinery
Shrink film packaging was first applied in France in 1936, and was widely used in 1960s. The most common production method of PVC is round die extrusion and blowing method or narrow and long die extrusion and tape casting method. For PVC, calendering method and solvent tape casting method can also be used, with good film thickness uniformity. However, due to large investment in production equipment and high production cost, it is rarely used. Shrinkage film is made of polymer sheet or tube stretching at the temperature above the softening point to make the polymer chain oriented, and the orientation is fixed by cooling method. When in use, as long as the film is heated to the temperature of stretching after packaging, the film will shrink and release the stress and energy stored during stretching. The shrinkage of the film is determined by the degree of stretching in the orientation process, and it is also related to the composition of the polymer and the process conditions of production. The total shrinkage of shrink film can reach 15% ~ 80%, while it only needs 15% ~ 30% for general use. The products with strange shape need more than 50% shrinkage rate. Generally, the shrink film with longitudinal and transverse balanced shrinkage rate is needed. However, for the packaging of sleeve like articles and shrink label film, only one-way shrinkage is needed.


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