Wuhan modern biaxially oriented polyester film

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Wuhan modern biaxially oriented polyester film
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The biaxial orientation limit of PET film used for packaging is biaxial orientation control. The biaxial PET film is extruded with PET particles at 250-300c starting temperature, cooled at 60-80c, and then stretched 2.5-4 times at very 80-9c drawing temperature and 95-115c drawing temperature, and then heat set at 150-230c drawing tension. After cooling, the biaxial PET film is formed The characteristics are as follows:
① It is highly transparent and glossy, with a light transmittance of 90%,
② Its tensile strength is 3 times of that of PC film and nylon 6 film, and its impact strength is 3 ~ 5 times of that of BOPP film. It has excellent wear resistance, folding resistance, pinhole resistance and tear resistance;
③ At 120c, it shrinks only 1.25% after 15min
④ Pet has good antistatic property and is easy to vacuum evaporate aluminum. For pet that requires air tightness, PVDC can be coated. Kopet has good heat sealing property and improves the adhesion of pet orientation film to printing ink. Otherwise, printing ink should be modified to have good fastness. Hollow board equipment www.www.dressup9x.com
BOPET film can be used for food packaging with heat resistance, freezing resistance and detoxification resistance; fruits and vegetables can be packaged with PET film for one to one year at - C; pet can also be used for packaging of electronic components; pet has good cooking resistance as the surface material of composite film packaging: PET film with a thickness of 0.0127mm is produced in the United States, and its yield tensile strength can reach 286.8mpa. It can be used for oven and heat sealed food packaging, and it can be used in cooking At 204.4c (400F), it has good gas resistance, diffusion resistance and oil resistance. The properties of uncoated biaxially oriented PET film are shown in the chart. Hollow board equipment www.www.dressup9x.com
The film used for packaging is produced by blowing method and extrusion tape casting method. The film has the inherent characteristics of resin: strong and tough, wide temperature range, transparent, easy processing and easy painting. PC film is suitable for pharmaceutical and food packaging, cosmetics and low box winding packaging. PC is the strongest and most rigid thermoplastic with 90% transparency. It is resistant to all kinds of chemicals, including many acids and warp. However, some solvents will corrode it. It has good tensile strength and dimensional stability, low shape absorption and less shrinkage under temperature change. Because of its high tensile strength, toughness and modulus, it does not need to use the expensive biaxial stretching method to produce oriented film. It only needs to produce the same inflated film or tape casting film on the standard film production line to meet the packaging performance requirements. It can be bonded with standard water-based or alcohol based adhesives and has good bonding strength. It can also be used as a base film for coextrusion coating, or can be dry compounded into a laminated film. The fracture strength of PC film can reach more than 59mpa, and does not degrade below 320C. PC can soften at 132c, and can be embossed and heat sealed at 176.6 ~ 221.1c (350f ~ 430F). It is better to use ultrasonic welding seal, and it can be thermoformed at the above temperature. It is difficult to thermoform the finished PC film. Therefore, amorphous PC film can be used for deep drawing with tensile ratio of 7-10 If it can't heat seal itself without loss of performance, it also doesn't contain plasticizers or other additives that will gasify, migrate easily or smoke during heat sealing.


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