Wuhan modern fly ash filling system

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Wuhan modern fly ash filling system
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Fly ash is a kind of gray powder recovered from flue gas of coal-fired power plant, with particle size of 1 ~ 5m, mainly composed of OThe density is 2.0 ~ 24g / cm, melting point is 1250 ~ 1450The specific surface area is 3.6745m2g, pH = 6. According to the different types of coal and flue gas treatment methods, the physical form of coal ash is different. China's thermal power plants discharge 160 million tons of fly ash annually, use more than 1 billion tons of water for ash discharge, and store 330 million m2 of fly ash, which seriously pollutes the environment and wastes resources. How to make full use of fly ash has become a major issue in the new century. Fly ash as a plastic filler, which contains round and smooth glass beads, has small aggregation force between particles, and can be easily dispersed into the resin and evenly distributed. It can be selected according to the needs of air separation and water separation. The beads with density less than water are "floating", with large particles, thin wall and low strength, which can be filled with thermosetting resin; the other kind of beads with density greater than water are called "sinking beads", with small particle size, thick wall and high strength, which are not easy to be crushed, It is often used as the filling material of thermoplastic plastics. These structural characteristics make the processing rheology of fly ash filled plastics significantly improved. Certain components of fly ash have "waste bead" in plastics. The spherical color particles in fly ash can avoid the stress concentration caused by irregular shape or sharp corner, and can improve the impact properties of products. When filling PVC, it can form physical crosslinking with PVC molecules, The so and Nao bonds on the surface have good compatibility with PVC molecules, and there are physical adsorption and partial chemical interaction between them, so as to improve the mechanical properties. Coating machine equipment www.www.dressup9x.com
PV composites with different particle size and content of fly ash were prepared by hot pressing method. The friction and wear properties of the composites against quenched 45 steel under dry friction condition were evaluated on a ring block friction tester. The results show that the hardness and wear resistance of PVC filled with fly ash can be significantly improved, and the wear rate can be reduced by more than 100 times; when the filling amount of fly ash is less than 40, the hardness of the composite increases with the increase of the filling amount; when the filling amount of fly ash is more than 40%, the hardness of the composite decreases; with the decrease of the particle size of fly ash, the hardness of the composite increases, and the wear rate decreases; under the test conditions, the hardness of the composite increases, and the wear rate decreases, The results show that the hardness and wear rate of PVC composite prepared by 40% fly ash with particle size of 0.061 mm are the highest, and the filling of fly ash in PVC is conducive to the formation of transfer film on the surface of friction couple, and the filling of PVC composite with 40% fly ash is the best
The transfer film formed on the surface of the couple is the most uniform and dense, and the corresponding wear rate is the lowest.
Attapulgite (at), also known as palygorskite or palygorskite, is a layered chain structure of water bearing magnesium rich aluminosilicate clay composite mineral. Attapulgite clay (hereinafter referred to as attapulgite) is widely used in many industrial fields because of its excellent physical and chemical properties. The typical at rod crystal is about 1m long and 10 ~ 25nm wide. The inside of the single crystal is a pore structure, and many parallel tunnel voids are naturally formed between the parallel arranged single crystal nanofibers. Therefore, the volume of voids in the micron sized at rod accounts for more than 30% of the total volume of particles, and the inside has a huge specific surface area. At native soil has a strong adsorption capacity, which can absorb 100% water of its own weight. Most of the water exists between crystals by van der Waals force. The surface of at was grafted with silane coupling agents MPTMS and MMA, and the modified attapulgite was used to fill UPVC. The results showed that the tensile strength, notched impact strength, flexural strength, flexural modulus and thermal stability of PVC composites were improved by filling with modified attapulgite. The micro dispersion of attapulgite and attapulgite in PVC matrix was observed by transmission electron microscope. The results showed that attapulgite had needle like structure with nanometer size, and dispersed in PVC matrix as short fibers with diameter of 20 ~ 60NM and length of 100 ~ 500mm. Coating machine equipment www.www.dressup9x.com
Attapulgite can be used as the filler of soft transparent PVC film, especially the modified dolomite concave has the best effect on the modification of SPVC film, and all the indexes of the prepared SPVC film exceed the national standard. Coating machine equipment


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