Types and properties of modern nylon in Wuhan

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Types and properties of modern nylon in Wuhan
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  Rice degumming (PA) is a polymer with repeated expansion group conh- in the main chain, which is commonly called nylon (nylon). PA is an early and widely used engineering plastic. In 12 years, SNA began systematic research. PA66 was made in 1935. In 1939, it was first industrialized. PA6 and other varieties appeared successively. At present, nylon has a wide variety and more than 50 commodity brands. Nylon has been studied in China since 108 years, and its main varieties are PAIOIO.PA6 In order to meet the national defense and other industrial requirements, glass fiber reinforced nylon, powder nylon, monomer pouring nylon, copolymodified nylon, aromatic nylon, self lubricating nylon, resistance nylon, aging resistant nylon, etc. have also been commercialized gradually. The decayed limit materials can be divided into brain anti fruit degumming, semi square spring gathering yard Danger, all Fang spring gathering limit. Aliphatic pectin is the main category, such as pas.pa66, PA1010, etc., which has been industrialized and widely used. Nonwoven machine www.www.dressup9x.com
According to the monomer used in the preparation of nylon, aliphatic nylon is divided into three types. Amino acids are made of nylon made from internal courtyard adhesive. It is expressed by numbers, such as PA6, PA12, etc., and the number of carbon atoms on the carbon chain of monomer is represented by the number.
(2) Nylon made from diamine and binary acid is expressed by two numbers, such as PA66, PA610 and PA1010. (3) Copolynylon is represented by the corresponding combination number of the two types of nylon. The mass ratio of components in the condensation reaction is indicated in brackets after the combination number, such as pa66/6 (60140), which means the copolymer made from 60 parts of PA66 salt and 40 parts of the internal courtyard rubber. Nonwoven machine www.www.dressup9x.com
The main characteristics of nylon are excellent mechanical properties, such as high tensile strength, good toughness, resistance to repeated shock vibration, and the temperature range is 40-100c; good wear resistance, low friction factor, excellent self lubrication; good electrical insulation performance and arc resistance; easy to color and non-toxic: oil resistant, hydrocarbon resistant, ester and other organic solvents, easy to process and shape. The disadvantages are high water absorption, poor dimensional stability, water resistance, drunk and other polar solvents. These can be overcome by the modification methods of reinforcement and filling, and other properties can be greatly improved. Nonwoven machine www.www.dressup9x.com
Nylon can be processed by various molding methods, such as injection, extrusion, casting, molding, etc. As engineering plastics, nylon is mainly used to make wear-resistant and stressed transmission parts, and has been widely used in machinery, transportation, instruments, electrical, electronic, communication, chemical and medical equipment and daily necessities. In 19413, fasten company of Germany first realized industrial production, and since then, eller werk company of Switzerland, Japan Dongyuan company and Dongyang textile Achievement Company of alll hemiao company of the United States also made profits in production. Domestic Jinxi Chemical Plant first produced PA6 monomer with phenol method and epoxidized oxidation method in 1960s. Later, Yueyang Chemical Plant and Yueyang Chemical Plant and Dongyang textile company were also making profits and put into production Nanjing chemical fertilizer plant uses the method of ring burning oxidation to produce caprolactam.


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