Graphene superconducting sheet production line

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Graphene superconducting sheet production line
Types of reactive extrusion in plastics modification
The grafting reactions in extruder reactor include melt polymer and many kinds of monomer reactions which can generate grafting reactions on the main chain of the complex. Only the free radical initiated grafting reaction is suitable for reactive extrusion. Sometimes air or ionized water is used to initiate the grafting reaction. The grafting monomers are silane, acrylic acid (ester) and its analogues, styrene and its analogues, styrene acrylonitrile, maleic anhydride, fumaric acid and similar compounds; The polymer matrix can be polyolefin (PO), PVC, PS, ABS and other resins; The initiator is peroxide, such as diisopropyl peroxide. It is very common to prepare graft polymer by reactive extrusion, which brings great economic benefits. At the same time, it provides a simple method to prepare high efficient compatibilizer for the blending of incompatible polymers. Graphene superconducting sheet production line
The formation of an interchain copolymer can be defined as a reaction in which two or more polymers form a copolymer. In the reactive extrusion reactor, random or block copolymers can be formed through the reaction process of chain breaking and re bonding, or the reactive group of one polymer can be combined with the reactive group of another compound to form block or graft copolymers, or the random copolymers, Sili, shaped rubber, tea blend, etc. can be formed by covalent or ionic crosslinking Zejing can be used as the matrix of this kind of complex, and sometimes other monomers can be added for coextrusion. The blends of PA6 and ethylene methacrylic acid copolymer were prepared by reactive extrusion in a single screw extruder at 280 ℃. This is the beginning of the formation of interchain copolymers between PA and po. In this kind of blend, there is a phenomenon that the straight diameter is less than 5. The phase separation of Po in the form of particles and the secondary molding products have good port resistance. The company also published a new production line of high impact strength nickel graphene superconducting sheet by using nylon and various functionalized ethylene compounds as anti virtual bridge
Longgongjia compound, synergic compound and coumarin can be used as one of coumarin compounds. Under certain conditions, the reaction temperature is high. Generally at 250 ~ 300 ℃. Ge co extruded anhydride terminated PPE and PA to form PPE: PA copolymer, which was used as compatibilizer of PPO / PA Blends. The company also prepared PC / PA compatible blends by reaction bridging.
In reactive extrusion, there are two kinds of polymers, one of which has nucleophilic terminal groups, such as segment group, amino group and hydroxyl group. The other polymers have electrophilic functions such as cycloanhydrides, epoxides, oxazolines and isocyanates
And carbodiimide. Graphene superconducting sheet production line
Coupling / crosslinking reactions include the reaction of a single polymer macromolecule with a condensing agent, a multifunctional coupling agent or a crosslinking agent, the improvement of molecular weight by chain growth or branching, or the increase of melt viscosity by crosslinking. Polymers with end groups or side chains that can react with condensing agents, coupling agents or crosslinking agents, such as nylon or pet, can carry out such reactions. Phosphite can be used as condensing agent, and multi-functional compounds including cyclic anhydride, epoxy compound, oxazoline, carbodiimide and isocyanate can be used as coupling agent. Graphene superconducting sheet production line
In the extrusion coupling / crosslinking reaction, the most prominent one is the preparation of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) by dynamic vulcanization. The dynamic vulcanization completed on the traditional twin-roll equipment can be completed on the twin-screw extruder, and it can be produced continuously with convenient operation. PE and peroxide can be cross-linked by melt reaction in Brabender rotor reactor. EPDM / PP blends prepared by dynamic vulcanization are more common in published patents. EPDM / PP blends with excellent physical properties can be prepared by melt extrusion of EPDM, PP, ZnO, HS or other cross-linking agents at 180 ~ 190 ℃ and 100 / m, followed by mixing and extrusion with accelerant. Po TPE (including pppe and PP / PE) can be prepared by reactive extrusion, and its surface has polar characteristics, In addition, it can be further developed into composite Po TPE, which can replace the expensive adhesion accelerator used in the past. Other thermoplastic tree tires (PVC, PS, ABS, San, PMMA, PBT, PA, PC, etc.) can be dynamically vulcanized with rubber polymers to produce TPE with excellent performance, which makes TPE enter the field of high performance and high functionality. Graphene superconducting sheet production line


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