Multifunctional PVC hot closing and embossing machine production line

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Multifunctional PVC hot closing and embossing machine production line
Blending modification of nylon
The development of flame retardant PA in China began in the 1980s, and the main varieties were mainly on PA6PA66. The varieties of PA6, PA6, PA66, PA66 and PA66 were developed. The main research units include Beijing Chemical Research Institute, Yueyang Petrochemical General Plant Research Institute, Anhui University, Chenguang Chemical Research Institute, Beijing Second Light Industry School and other units. For example, the mine has been developed for underground use. Antistatic PA6: the material consists of 15% - 35% PA6, 20% - 30% glass fiber, 20% - 25% fire retardant mother rescue and 25% - 30% antistatic masterbatch. It has excellent physical, mechanical, tested, flame retardant and antistatic properties in accordance with mt113-85 standard. The product has been tested in the coal mine. Yueyang Petrochemical Plant Research Institute has been researching flame retardant PA6 since the early 1990s. It has successfully developed flame retardant PA6 and flame-retardant reinforced PA6, and has been applied in many industrial fields. The flame retardant is a composite system of aromatic bromides, boron flame retardant, nitrogen flame retardant and heavy metal oxide. The composition of flame retardant PA6 is: PA610, 35 composite flame retardant, 4 anti dropping agent and 58 glass fiber. The flame retardant reaches FV-0, notch impact strength is 20kj/m, tensile strength is 135Mpa, bending strength is 240mpa, and the thermal deformation temperature (1.82mpa) is 190 ℃. The Research Institute of polymer materials of Anhui University has also carried out the research and development of anti-static and flame retardant PA6. The antistatic and flame retardant PA6 materials can be used in the situations of coal mine, electrical electronics, instruments and meters. The industrial and application of the products have achieved good benefits, including the flame retardant reinforced PA66 produced by Heilongjiang nylon factory, the flame retardant PA6 of Guangzhou Jinfa technology development company, the red phosphorus flame retardant masterbatch of Chenguang Chemical Research Institute, the nitrogen flame retardant and PA6 of Yuehua Research Institute. Multifunctional PVC hot closing and embossing machine production line
High performance multifunctional flame retardant nylon, DSM company of Netherlands has developed a flame retardant PA46 with high corrosion resistance and toughness,
The products of the Ministry of the company have certain modification system, chemical and various products of various commercial products. The flexible hair can be used to add certain certificates of elastomers to nylon for common registration. The medium out performance and micro transmission performance of nylon have certain independence and system. The alloying is the blend of nylon and other polymers. Nylon is used as continuous phase and other polymers are used as dispersion phase blends. Some properties of nylon have been greatly improved by introducing the component of the sub dispersive phase. Kinetic energy is a method of high performance modification of nylon, which is made of adding some functional materials (such as conductive materials) into nylon matrix to make nylon have some functions. Physical modification has a wide range of raw materials, and the process is very simple and flexible. In particular, different modifiers and their combinations can be used to manufacture different properties of products. It is an effective way to realize the series, specialization, function and high performance of nylon varieties. From the perspective of the development of modern technology, the physical blending process is accompanied by chemical modification, For example, the reaction between polar group and macromolecular chain in modifier molecule, reaction between compatibilizer and nylon and other macromolecule chains during alloy manufacturing are all completed during the process of blending extrusion. Because of these reactions, compatibility between blend components can be enhanced, and the effect of physical blending modification is more obvious. Multifunctional PVC hot closing and embossing machine production line
Toughened nylon is a modified nylon which is made by blending with nylon resin, which is made by adding elastomer, thermoplastic elastomer and toughness resin. The impact strength of nylon can be doubled by adding 5% to 20% rubber in nylon matrix. Nylon is very outstanding in bending strength, wear resistance, creep resistance and electrical properties, but it is not ideal to resist low temperature and toughness, which affects the application in some fields, such as railway equipment, automobile parts and other outdoor use occasions. The impact resistance and low temperature properties of nylon can be effectively improved by toughening of elastic. Multifunctional PVC hot closing and embossing machine production line
The principle of toughening nylon is in accordance with the theory of polymer blending. In the process of studying the polymer materials such as rubber toughening nylon and verifying the mechanism of rubber cutting, a series of theories have been formed, which can explain the toughening effect of elastomer from different levels and depths, which plays a positive guiding role in toughening and modification. These theories include early energy direct absorption theory, crack core theory, shear yield theory, silver grain shear zone theory, etc. Since 1980s, with the development of relevant theories and research methods, theoretical research has begun to develop to quantitative, from rubber toughening to rigid organic particles and inorganic particles toughening, which provides a new theoretical basis for the design of material properties. Wu's toughening theory is a typical theory. Du Pont, USA, put forward Wu's toughening theory in the process of studying the toughening and modifying PA 66 of EPDM. The theory proposed the concept of universal criterion of critical particle spacing, classified the thermoplastic matrix scientifically and established the brittle toughening transformation model of plastic toughening, which pushed the toughening theory of the transmission from qualitative analysis to quantitative analysis. It is suggested that toughening is possible only when the spacing of rubber particles is less than the critical value. Multifunctional PVC hot closing and embossing machine production line


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