Production line of antirust paper coater

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Production line of antirust paper coater
Blending modification of PC and ABS
PC is a kind of engineering plastics with excellent mechanical properties, dimensional stability, heat resistance and cold resistance. Its impact strength is in the forefront of engineering plastics; The temperature range is wide, and can be used for a long time between -100 ℃ and 140 ℃; The light transmittance is good, the transmittance of visible light can reach more than 90%, and its comprehensive performance is the best in high-end engineering plastics. It is an indispensable and important material for industry, agriculture, construction and so on. However, although PC has excellent performance, it still has some serious defects, such as: large melt viscosity and poor fluidity, especially in the manufacture of large thin-walled products, it is difficult to form; The residual internal stress of the product injected by PC is large, which is easy to produce stress opening; Although PC has high impact strength, it is still sensitive to notch; PC has poor solvent resistance and is prone to solvent stress cracking; PC has poor wear resistance. These shortcomings limit some applications of PC. Therefore, the research on PC modification has attracted wide attention, and the major companies around the world are competing to formulate development plans. Blending modification is an important means to improve PC defects, so it is widely used. Production line of antirust paper coater
ABS is the most widely used type of engineering plastics, it has excellent melt fluidity and processability, and its price is low. It is widely used in the housing of household appliances and interior decoration of automobile. The advantages of PC and ABS can be integrated after blending PC and ABS. On the one hand, it can improve the heat resistance, impact and tensile properties of ABS, and make ABS used in high-end fields; On the other hand, it can reduce the melt viscosity of PC, improve the fluidity of PC, improve its processing performance, reduce the internal stress of the products, reduce the sensitivity of impact strength to notch and thickness, and make PC be used in the manufacture of thin-walled long process products. Therefore, pc/ars alloy combines the advantages of PC and ABS, and the better performance can be obtained when the formula and technology are reasonable. Production line of antirust paper coater
Late 1960s and early 1970s, B org:Warner  Developed by the company (now acquired by GE)
The first pc/abs alloy was developed. Since then, all major companies have developed pc/abs alloy successively, and developed a variety of brands, such as electric quilt level, limited combustion level, UV stable grade, fiber reinforced grade, sales level, etc., including household dry automobile instrument, internal and external accessories, mobile phone shell, laptop external baldness, microwave oven parts, and combustion replacement stove parts. The development of information speed and the commodity name of GE company are cycloy. There are dozens of them. The notched impact strength of pc/abs alloy with corrosion flow grade and kizan beam can reach 4801/m, which is suitable for thin-walled and complex parts. In addition, cyeoley CH00 with good low temperature impact toughness is more heat-resistant and impact resistant than the former. The process is better, and the thermal deformation temperature is 105 cores. The impact of the beam mouth of the foundation pipe is 640/m. It is used for instruments, consumer goods and other non flame retardant commodity equipment. By company developed the first pc/abs alloy with positive combustion grade, and the commodity name is bayband. Japanese Imperial Chemical Co., Ltd. has developed electroplated pc/abs alloy with the trade name of "konako > MK 100A". The pule a20-95 and a30-15 developed by Dow can withstand impact loads in a wide range of temperatures and can be used to manufacture dashboard for automobiles. Monanto company has developed triax2000 series pc/abs alloy with unique "reactive coupling blending process", which has good impact strength, hardness and formability, and is mainly used for making reflector shell and wheel cover of automobile. Production line of antirust paper coater
Generally, the tensile strength, bending strength, hardness and flexural elastic modulus of pc/abs alloy are all between ABS and PC, which are almost additive. But when using ABS resin with low rubber content, the synergistic enhancement of bending strength will occur. Elongation at break is generally not in accordance with additive. The thermal deformation temperature of pc/abs alloy is in accordance with the additive property, so the best way to determine the composition ratio of the bowl is to calculate according to the required thermal deformation temperature. If a limit of ignition is required. In order to reach UL4 V0, more people are needed to burn. Because the temperature of pc/abs alloy is more commercial in manufacturing process and processing (above 230C), the sound of combustion agent used must be full of the requirements of processing temperature. That is, it does not decompose, volatilize, discolor, metamorphism, and harmful reactions occur in different components at the processing temperature. The flame retardant used in pc/abs alloy is bromine containing flame retardant and antimony. In order to inhibit the oxidation and decomposition of PC and ABS in the process of processing, we should also consider adding antioxidant. Production line of antirust paper coater


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