Lining coating composite production line

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Lining coating composite production line
Filling modification of polyoxymethylene and graphite
The main purpose of POM filling is to change its wear properties, so the most used POM filling is Shimei and disulfide group. Graphite is a layered filler, which has excellent lubricity and good conductivity. Adding POM can greatly improve the self lubricity and wear resistance of POM, and also can improve the processability of POM. The lamellar structure of graphite is shown by SEM. Lining coating composite production line
POM / g / Ekonol composites were prepared by torque rheometer blending and molding. The mechanical properties (tensile strength, bending strength, impact strength and compression strength) were studied. The results show that the compressive strength of POM / g / Ekonol composite increases, while the tensile strength, bending strength and impact strength decrease with the addition of Ekonol, but it does not hinder its use as a structural part: when the mass fraction of Ekonol is about 20%, the composite has more ideal comprehensive mechanical properties. G is an excellent solid lubricating material, which can improve the friction and thermal conductivity of the material. The PV limit value of the drug, LETHYL ester (also known as poly (p-hydroxyethyl) methyl) is a kind of junction type linear quotient molecule. Compared with other plastics, its major characteristics are the local properties of site like metals: for example, it has the most commercial thermal conductivity in plastics, the most commercial heat balance in the air, the most stable heat balance in the air, the most stable heat balance in the air At the quotient temperature, it shows the non viscous fluidity of the metal part. Lining coating composite production line
In addition, it has high compression strength, good cake resistance, high PV limit, and good self-lubricating property. Adding g and Ekonol into POM matrix, the composites with excellent self-lubricating properties can be obtained. The tribological properties of POM / g / E composites were studied. The surface was observed and analyzed by SEM, and the wear mechanism of the composite was discussed; It is feasible to prepare POM / g / Ekonol composites by molding; Proper addition of Ekonol can improve the friction and wear properties of POM and obtain POM / g / eknol composites with excellent self-lubricating properties. The amount of eacl directly affects the wear mechanism of the composites. With the increase of its content, the wear mechanism changes from adhesive wear to fatigue wear. As G is a good solid lubricating material, it acts as a lubricant. Ekonol also has a layered structure similar to graphite and has good self-lubricating properties. Therefore, it can be considered that Ekonol content below 20%, Ekonol! The results show that the friction coefficient and wear loss are reduced by G and G. When Ekonol exceeds a certain amount. Due to the poor compatibility between Ekonol and POM, some hard points of Ekonol will break away from the matrix and become abrasive particles. These abrasive particles are clamped between two pairs of wear surfaces in the later friction process, which destroys the transfer film on the wear surface, intensifies the wear of the wear surface, reduces the roughness of the wear surface, and in turn accelerates the wear of the sample. The higher the Ekonol content is, the more the abrasive particles are and the more serious the wear is. Lining coating composite production line
Several inorganic fillers and organic substances have nucleation effect on POM. When adding inorganic or nuclear agents into POM, the crystal structure of the injection molded parts will be more uniform, and the irregular structure of spherulites will be transformed into the uniform structure with reduced ball size; The spherulite size of POM can also be reduced by blending some organic nucleating additives with POM. Lining coating composite production line


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