Nylon alloy PCTFE film production line

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Nylon alloy PCTFE film production line
Nylon has been widely used in automobile, electronic and electrical, machinery, railway, weapons, architecture and sports fields because of its good balanced comprehensive properties. Nylon has become an important industrial synthetic material in the national economic construction from the beginning of invention as a substitute for other traditional materials. But nylon itself has some defects such as low heat resistance, easy moisture absorption, poor molding property and poor dimensional stability. If it is blended with some polymers, it can make up for its deficiency. In order to improve the properties of nylon plastics, it is developing towards the direction of alloying and compounding. Nylon alloy technology is an important way to make nylon high performance and high function, and it has the advantages of short time, simple equipment and low cost. PCTFE film production line www.www.dressup9x.com
Polymer alloy is a multi-component system composed of two or more polymers, also known as polymer alloy. The preparation methods of polymer alloy are divided into chemical method and physical blending method. Nylon alloy is a kind of polymer multi-component system which is made of nylon as the main body and mixed with other polymers. Nylon can be made into alloy after compatibilization with many polymers, mainly including pa/pp, pe/pa/ppo, pps/pa/pp, PBT, pet/pa/ptfe/ pa/ps, abs/ pa/pa/pa/ppta, 6T, 9t, LCP. PCTFE film production line www.www.dressup9x.com
For example, pa/ppo.pa/par (polyalkol) is the pre thermal property of impact and commercial when the impact resistant varieties are pa/ elastomer, pa/abs and pa/ rubber, pa/pbt and pa/pc are used to improve the mechanical strength: the pavpeta and "P" are also used to improve the mechanical strength FEPPs, organic shoes, excellent performance of the performance of the special bead alloy. Nylon alloy and other plastics are combined. It includes both mechanical blend, block degree, alignment copolymer and polymer composite formed by chemical changes during blending. PCTFE film production line www.www.dressup9x.com
The 1970s-1980s is the development period of nylon alloy development and application. In 1974, IDE and hasegw first published the pa/pp mixed gold, and DuPont company launched zytl ST series PA66 alloy in 1976, which opened the prelude of PA alloy development. In succession, there are DSM company of the Netherlands, BASF company of Germany, Yubu Xingfu of Japan, Monsanto in the United States, Mitsubishi Gas, Asahi, Dongli, Mitsui chemistry, Ge in the United States and other major companies successively developed abs/ PA6, pa/pp, pa6/pe, pa/pc, pa66/pa12, pa66/ppa66/pe, pa66/epdm and other alloys. PCTFE film production line www.www.dressup9x.com
In terms of toughening mechanism, based on the traditional theory, the theory of silver grain shear zone is proposed, and cavitation theory, percolation theory and rigid organic particle toughening mechanism are produced. Many important achievements have been made in the microstructure, compatibilizer evaluation, characteristic analysis and mechanical properties evaluation of polymer alloy, which has greatly promoted the development of nylon alloy technology. stay
In the preparation technology, a large number of non reactive compatibilizers and reactive compatibilizers have been developed, which solves the key problems in the preparation of nylon alloy. Meanwhile, the blending modification equipment such as twin screw extruder technology is becoming more and more mature, which provides material basis for the industrialization of blending modified polymer. PCTFE film production line www.www.dressup9x.com
In addition, the qualitative description of PA toughening machine has developed to quantitative analysis. Nano composite technology has been successfully used in nylon alloy, IPN technology, dynamic vulcanization technology and reactive extrusion blending technology, which makes high performance nylon alloy products come out constantly, such as high temperature resistant nylon alloy ppo/pa66, barrier nylon alloy pa66/pa6/pe, etc. Because of the lightweight and miniaturization of the world automobile, it provides a broad market for nylon alloy. With the plastic of automobile intake pipe as the symbol, the application of melt core and rotary injection molding technology also promoted the development of nylon alloy. PCTFE film production line www.www.dressup9x.com


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