Fiber reinforced nylon multi function coextrusion square carpet laminating machine

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Fiber reinforced nylon multi function coextrusion square carpet laminating machine
Glass fiber reinforced nylon with high-strength fiber and resin can improve the physical and mechanical properties of the matrix. The strengthening effect mainly depends on the strong adhesion between the fiber material and the matrix, so that the load on the plastic can be transferred to the high-strength fiber, and the load can be transferred from local to a larger range or even the whole object. Typical reinforced fibers include glass fiber, carbon fiber, asbestos fiber, potassium titanate, zinc oxide and so on. It is an effective way to make high strength and heat resistant nylon by using fiber reinforced nylon, which can double the strength of nylon and greatly increase its hot deformation temperature. Table 4-25 shows the performance comparison between glass fiber reinforced PA6 and pure PA6. Multifunctional co extrusion square carpet laminating machine
There are two kinds of glass fiber reinforced nylon production process, one is the marriage fiber method, that is, short glass fiber and nylon are extruded after being taken together. In the other way, fiber and nylon are fed into the twin-screw extruder from different positions, nylon and additives are added into the hopper after compliance, and glass fiber is continuously fed into the screw through the full screw rotation from the fresh population. Jingli fiber has the characteristics of high-strength leather, auxiliary aircraft, heat resistance and good insulation. Compared with other fibers, the price of glue glass fiber is low, and it is a cheap high-performance booster material; S052.4%, (C.O + MgO) 21.4%, (al.o. + F0) 14.4%, (b.0 + B0) 4.3%, (no + KO) > 0.8%, density 2.54 /, control strength 300mpa, tensile modulus 7.5x10mp. In general, the shrimp with less than 2% of the hidden metal is used, which is related to the light weight. For example, in the same straight case, when the length is 5mm and 90mm respectively, the tensile strength is 1500mp and 760mpa respectively. In the case of the same length, the tensile strength of 12.5pm and SPM is 1200mp and 2500mpa respectively. The dispersion forms of glass fiber in reinforced plastics include parallel arrangement, mutual vertical arrangement, disordered arrangement, fabric shape arrangement, etc., which have a great influence on the mechanical properties of products. The content of glass fiber also has a great influence on the mechanical properties of plastic products. The interface bonding between glass fiber and matrix resin has the most important influence on the mechanical properties of fiber reinforced plastics. If the interface bonding is not good, the glass fiber can not play the role of reinforcement. Therefore, coupling agent is often used to treat the surface of glass fiber to improve the reinforcement effect of glass fiber. Generally, Wucheng fiber is used as reinforcing material, which has good electrical insulation, high mechanical strength, low degree of hydrolysis, good water resistance and weak alkaline resistance. Multifunctional co extrusion square carpet laminating machine
In the blending process, the glass fiber is cut into a certain length of fiber under the high shear action of screw extruder, and evenly distributed in PA matrix resin. In the mixing extrusion process, the glass fiber will produce a certain degree of separation along the axial direction, and when the product is subjected to external force, it will pass from the matrix to the glass fiber, The direction of action of the force changes. In other words, it is the dispersion of energy, which enhances the ability of materials to bear external force. Macroscopically, the mechanical properties such as bending strength and tensile strength of the base material have been greatly improved.
The main controlling factors in the production of four-dimensional glass reinforced nylon are the dispersion of glass fiber, the adhesion between glass fiber and nylon base material, the size and distribution of glass fiber, the correct application of various additives, the adjustment of process conditions, the control of screw combination and rotation speed, etc. Multifunctional co extrusion square carpet laminating machine
The straightness of glass fiber has great influence on the mechanical properties of PA. Generally speaking, if the diameter of glass fiber is controlled in the range of 10 ~ 20pm, the adhesion between glass fiber and Pa will be poor if the glass fiber is too light and too thick. When the glass fiber is too thin, it is easy to be cut into fine powder by screw, thus losing the reinforcing effect of fiber. Multi function co extrusion square carpet laminating machine


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