Carbon fiber reinforced nylon aluminum foil composite production line

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Carbon fiber reinforced nylon aluminum foil composite production line
Compared with glass fiber, carbon fiber has three to five times higher modulus, so it is an excellent reinforced material to obtain high rigidity and high strength nylon material. Carbon fiber composites can be divided into long (continuous) fiber reinforced and short fiber reinforced. The fiber length can range from 300 ~ 400m to several millimeters. In the past 10 years, people have invested in the most research to improve the processing methods and properties of different kinds of carbon fiber composites. From prepreg to molding, from injection molding to lamination, we have accumulated a lot of successful experience in the production of carbon fiber composites and products. At present, it is generally believed that long (continuous) fiber has the advantages of high strength and high toughness, while short cut fiber has the characteristics of good processability. Therefore, the development direction of carbon fiber composites is to improve the processing technology of long carbon fiber composites and further improve the mechanical properties of short carbon fiber composites. Aluminum foil composite production line
The shear stress of carbon fiber reinforced PA66 and pure PA66 increases with the increase of shear rate. Under the same stress, the shear rate of carbon fiber reinforced PA66 is higher than that of pure PA66. Because carbon fiber is equivalent to solid particles in carbon fiber reinforced PA66, it has flow hysteresis effect under certain shear stress, so it shows that the shear rate is higher than that of pure PA66. The apparent viscosity of pure PA66 decreases with the increase of shear rate, showing pseudoplastic characteristics. The interfacial slip between carbon fiber and PA66 is easy to occur, so the melt viscosity is lower than that of pure PA66. However, with the increase of shear rate, on the one hand, the flow hysteresis effect of solid particles becomes obvious; on the other hand, the particle size of carbon fiber becomes smaller and the number of particles increases due to stress, which makes the apparent viscosity increase, which is unfavorable to the processing. So we should pay attention to this point when preparing carbon fiber reinforced nylon. Aluminum foil composite production line
Carbon fiber / nylon composites have excellent properties instead of metal, and are light, high toughness and easy to process. Its application scope almost involves all fields of national economy. Aluminum foil composite production line
Carbon fiber reinforced nylon composites are widely used in automobile industry, which is mainly due to the excellent oil resistance, wear resistance and creep resistance of the above materials, and the advantage of light weight when replacing traditional metal materials. Many kinds of engineering plastics, including PA66, reinforced by carbon fiber, are gradually replacing the previous metal die-casting components for automobiles, such as fuel tanks. In the United States, Western Europe and Japan, nylon is used in almost all parts of the car, such as engine parts, electrical parts and body parts. Carbon fiber reinforced nylon composite has strong fatigue resistance, which makes it used in the manufacture of synchronous driving gear of automobile internal combustion engine. German heavy duty diesel engines use this material to make gears and pipe joints, and the annual maintenance of 40% aluminum foil composite production line
The PA66 composite with 40% carbon fiber, nya m 1501, has been developed by wickon fiberil, Indiana, USA. its performance is superior to other high-strength materials currently used. This kind of forest material can be used as a substitute for building materials and is mainly used in national defense and aerospace. China MX uses 0% fiber to increase PA66 to make missile engine parts. The cylinder of Jane developed by British hunting company is mostly made of carbon fiber reinforced nylon, the two section launcher is made of long fiber winding method, and the projectile tail is also made of the above materials. Aluminum foil composite production line
The main wing, canard wing, stabilizer wing and nacelle of the twin engine small business aircraft developed by American beech aircraft company are 70% made of carbon fiber reinforced / epoxy / nylon material. The new material is 19% lighter than the traditional aluminum material, which is extremely beneficial for improving speed and saving fuel. LNP uses carbon fiber reinforced pa612 to manufacture some parts of Boeing 757 engine. They use pa612 with 40% carbon fiber content to form engine window parts with size of 20.32cmx30.48cm and thickness of 0.0381cm. The effective service life is more than 20 years, which has good economy and long-term effect. At present, Boeing is using it to make cabin of civil aircraft. Aluminum foil composite production line
Osaka company of Japan plans to produce nylon / long carbon fiber composites by reactive injection to meet the requirements of the production of sporting goods. The specific method is as follows: firstly, the nylon monomer is mixed with the pre placed continuous fiber, and then polymerization is initiated during injection molding to make it molding. This method is suitable for manufacturing thin-walled products. The company plans to use it to make tennis rackets and golf clubs, as well as helmets, crash bars and robotic arms. Aluminum foil composite production line


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