Chlorination of polyethylene and laminating machine

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Chlorination of polyethylene and laminating machine
PE is insoluble in common solvents at room temperature. However, when the temperature is higher than 60 ℃, PE will dissolve in chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons depending on the degree of crystallization. The most commonly used solvent is carbon tetrachloride. When the temperature is close to its boiling point (76 ℃), it is a very effective solvent for LDPE. Chlorination of high crystallinity polyethylene requires higher temperature (80 ~ 110 ℃) and pressure. The solubility of CPE varies with chlorine content. The solubility of CPE increased before the chlorine content increased to 30%. When the chlorine content is 50% ~ 60%, it can not be dissolved again. When the chlorine content is higher, it becomes soluble in carbon tetrachloride. Photovoltaic backplane laminating machine
Chlorination can be carried out by batch method or continuous method, and the product obtained by continuous chlorination method is more uniform. Chlorination in aqueous suspension is an effective and economical method. During chlorination, the content of PE in the suspension is 3% ~ 20%. It can be suspended in water, 6 ~ 8mol / LHC aqueous solution, concentrated sulfuric acid or 0.8% ~ 2% CaCl2 aqueous solution. In this case, it can ensure that the suspension has the ability of anti agglomeration and anti foaming in the reaction process. In addition, less than 2% surfactants (such as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium alkyl chloride sulfate, C ~ C8 acid soap, low ester of ethylene glycol, poly (methyleneether) alkyl ester and ethylene glycol amine oligomer) were added to the reaction solution. In order to prevent the accumulation of static charge, quaternary ammonium salt, such as methyllauryl benzylamine chloride, should be added to the reactant. Photovoltaic backplane laminating machine
Solid phase chlorination of PE is a newly developed chlorination method. In the process of solid phase chlorination, it is necessary to add additives which can prevent static charge in the powder PE. This additive usually uses quaternary ammonium salts, such as dodecyl trimethylamine chloride and octadecyl trimethylamine chloride, dodecyl triethanolamine sulfate, DIMETHYLPHENYL lauryl chloride and DIMETHYLPHENYL dodecyl ammonium chloride. The reaction can be carried out in a wide temperature range, namely - 30 ~ 30 ℃, 65 ~ 90 ℃ or 90 ~ 140 ℃. The reaction process can be divided into two steps: the first step is carried out at a temperature lower than the softening point of the polymer (below 110 ℃), and the second step is carried out at a higher temperature (110 ~ 140 ℃). With the reaction time, the chlorine content in the finished product can vary from 4% to 65%. Photovoltaic backplane laminating machine
Using CPE to modify rigid PVC (RPVC, UPVC) can produce a wide range of soft, semi soft and rigid PVC plastics. These plastics are suitable for the manufacture of film, sheet, wire and cable cladding, injection molding and molded products. Adding CPE can reduce the cost of the mixture, improve its physical and mechanical properties and electrical properties, and improve its fire resistance. It is very important to use CPE as polymer plasticizer to improve the impact strength and elasticity of RPVC. Adding a small amount of CPE into ABS plastics can significantly improve the thermal oxidative degradation performance and mechanical properties. The mixture containing ABS, CPE, PVC and 0.3 ~ 20 mass parts of organotin stabilizer can be used to manufacture transparent plates, hard films, pipes, building materials and electrical products. Photovoltaic backplane laminating machine
The modification of recycled plastics is a new application field of CPE. The waste plastics are mainly PE and PVC. The compatibility of the two polymers can be improved by adding PE. The recycled plastics modified by CPE have satisfactory properties, and the elongation at break and tensile strength of the materials have been significantly improved. Photovoltaic backplane laminating machine


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