Copolymerization modification of vinyl chloride antirust paper coater

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Copolymerization modification of vinyl chloride antirust paper coater
Vinyl chloride vinyl acetate copolymer vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate copolymer is one of the earliest and most widely used vinyl chloride copolymers. It occupies an important position in the PVC industry with mature production technology. It has the characteristics of tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, good toughness, softness, thermal plasticity, easy adhesion to metal surface, good chemical stability at room temperature, acid resistance Alkali and oil, low water vapor permeability and water absorption, soluble in ketones or esters. The content of vinyl acetate in general copolymer is 3% ~ 40%. Low molecular weight resin containing 10% ~ 15% vinyl acetate is the most important type of vinyl chloride vinyl acetate copolymer, which is widely used in the manufacture of records and floor tiles; Other copolymers with similar chemical composition and relative molecular weight are made into solutions and used as protective coatings. Copolymers containing less than 10% vinyl acetate are usually used to make films and sheets to improve processability. Antirust paper coater
Vinyl chloride acrylate copolymer vinyl chloride acrylate copolymer is mostly prepared by emulsion polymerization. Because the reactivity ratios of vinyl chloride and methyl acrylate are n-0.08 and r-9.0 respectively, there is a big difference between them, so it is difficult to obtain the copolymer with uniform chemical composition. At this time, acrylate monomer can be added to the reaction system gradually according to the consumption rate of monomer. Because the glass transition temperature of acrylate decreases with the increase of carbon chain length of alcohol, higher alkyl acrylate has greater plasticizing effect than methyl acrylate. The copolymer of vinyl chloride and higher alkyl acrylate has lower melt viscosity and lower softening temperature than that of methyl acrylate. In addition, various third components (including vinylidene chloride, vinyl benzoate, isobutene, monovinyl sebacate, styrene, dialkyl maleate, fumarate, acrylonitrile, divinylbenzene, acrylic acid, vinyl acetate and hydroxyalkyl acrylate) can be added to synthesize terpolymer to reduce the viscosity of the material. When the content of comonomer is the same, vinyl chloride acrylate copolymer and vinyl chloride vinyl acetate copolymer have completely similar properties. It can be used to make hard and soft products, improve processability, impact resistance and cold resistance, and can also be used in coatings and adhesives
This product can be used in anti rust paper coater
Vinylidene chloride vinylidene chloride copolymer vinyl chloride (VC) - vinylidene chloride (VDC) copolymer can be prepared by suspension or emulsion method. According to the ratio of VC and VDC in copolymer, VC-VDC suspension copolymer resin can be divided into three categories: the first kind is a small number of VDC (<20%) and VC copolymer, its properties are similar to PVC, and the processing performance is better. The second type is the copolymer with 30% ~ 55% VDC, which has high fluidity at processing temperature and good solubility in chlorinated hydrocarbons, esters and other organic compounds, so it can be used as paint and coating. The third type is the copolymer with a large amount of VDC (75% ~ 90%) and a small amount of VC, which is a VC modified PVDC resin with excellent permeability, The products are mainly used in the production of film and fiber. Among the above three kinds of vc-vdc copolymers, the third kind of resin is the commercial variety with more varieties and higher yield. It is more suitable to use VDC as the main monomer, which is called VDC-VC copolymer. The content of VDC in emulsion copolymers VC-VDC is usually less than 60%, and the products are mainly used as coatings and adhesives. Antirust paper coater
Vinyl chloride ethylene copolymer and vinyl chloride propylene copolymer copolymerize ethylene, propylene and other olefin monomers with vinyl chloride monomers to prepare copolymer resins with excellent fluidity, thermal stability, impact resistance, transparency and heat resistance. The fluidity of vinyl chloride ethylene copolymer resin with polymerization degree of 800 is better than that of PVC with polymerization degree of 700, and the molding temperature of vinyl chloride propylene copolymer resin is 5 ~ 15 ℃ lower than that of PVC. The thermal stability of vinyl chloride and propylene or ethylene copolymer resin is higher than that of PVC and vinyl chloride vinyl acetate (VAC) copolymer resin, with low melting viscosity, low mixing resistance, easy plasticization and less friction heat, so it has good thermal stability. Vinyl chloride propylene copolymer resin can not only improve the processing performance, but also increase the impact strength. It is easy to carry out various molding processes, and the transparent products can be obtained. However, the softening temperature of vinyl chloride and ethylene or propylene copolymer is slightly lower than that of PVC. Antirust paper coater


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