Coating production line of nylon alloyed non woven waterproof cloth

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Coating production line of nylon alloyed non woven waterproof cloth
Nylon is a strong polar molecule, which can form hydrogen bonds between molecules and has certain reactivity. It is a crystalline polymer. Nylon has high water absorption, which affects the dimensional stability and electrical properties of products. Its heat resistance and low temperature impact resistance also need to be improved. Therefore, the purpose of nylon alloying is as follows: 1. A striking example is PA66 / PPO series and PA6 / 6T alloy. The heat resistance and dimensional stability of PA66 were greatly improved by blending PPO with PA66. Instead of titanium steel, this alloy can be used for automobile outer protective plate and wheel cover plate, and can be sintered and coated automatically. PA66 / 6T alloy can work at 200 ℃ for a long time. 2. To improve the water absorption and dimensional stability of nylon, polyolefin can be added to effectively reduce the water absorption of nylon and improve the dimensional stability of products. 3. Improve the resistance and wear resistance of nylon, such as PA / PBT and PA / PTFE, give nylon excellent wear resistance. 4. Improve the impact resistance of nylon at low temperature. The low temperature toughness of PA can be improved by compounding with PE, Poe, EVA, EPDM and SBS. 5. Improve the rigidity of nylon. PA has high flexural strength and modulus, but it still can not meet the requirements of some applications. High rigidity and high strength nylon alloy can be prepared by blending with PP TA, semi aromatic PA and thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer (TLCP). Coating production line of nylon alloyed non woven waterproof cloth
The design of nylon alloy, the performance and composition of nylon alloy are closely related to the morphology and structure of blends. Therefore, the design of nylon alloy includes the selection of blending modification components, the design of compatibilizer, the design of alloy structure and the performance test( 1) The principle is as follows: 1; 2. Conform to the principle of compatibility; 3. The principle of viscosity ratio of blending components; 4. Principle of cost performance ratio( 2) Design of compatibilizer in the preparation of nylon alloy, the design and manufacture of compatibilizer is the core of nylon alloy manufacturing. According to the structural characteristics of functional groups, the reactive polymers can be divided into maleic anhydride compatibilizer, carboxylic acid compatibilizer and glycidyl methacrylate compatibilizer. Coating production line of nylon alloyed non woven waterproof cloth
The design and selection of compatibilizer for nylon alloy should pay attention to the following problems: 1. For the blend of non-polar polymer and nylon, the structural characteristics of compatibilizer are that it has polar group which reacts with the end group of nylon macromolecular chain, and has good compatibility with non-polar polymer; 2. For the blend of polar polymer and nylon, monomer copolymer should be selected as compatibilizer; 3. The relative molecular weight of compatibilizer should be less than that of blending components, which is conducive to flow and dispersion in melt blending; The high content of polar groups in compatibilizer 4 is beneficial to increase the reaction probability with the blend components and improve its compatibility. Varieties and properties of nylon alloy: the amino or carboxyl group of nylon molecular chain has high reactivity and the ability to form hydrogen bond. It can be compatibilized with many polymers through reactive compatibilizer or compatibilizer to form nylon alloy materials with excellent properties. In recent years, PA / PO alloy, PA / elastomer alloy, PA / ABS alloy, PA / PPO alloy and PA / PPS alloy have been studied actively. Among all kinds of nylon, PA6 and PA66 are the most widely used and relatively cheap. At the same time, the application of PA1010 in some fields shows its advantages. So there are more and more researches on PA6, PA66, PA1010 alloys, and more and more commercial varieties. Coating production line of nylon alloyed non woven waterproof cloth
Adding PP to PA6 and PA66 can effectively improve the hygroscopicity and dimensional stability of the products. At the same time, PP has a certain toughening effect on PA6 and PA66. PA6 / PP alloy is one of the most studied alloys. Many scholars have studied the compatibilization of PA6 / PP by different graft copolymers from the perspective of improving the compatibility of PA6 / PP. Compatibilizers with different properties can be prepared by using different graft monomers. The compatibilizing effect of compatibilizer is related to its molecular weight and the reactivity of polar group with terminal amino group of PA6. The mechanical properties of the alloy are related to the type and amount of compatibilizer. Compatibilization of PP Grafted with different monomers maleic anhydride, dibutyl maleate, itaconic acid, acrylic acid and its esters are used as monomers for PP graft copolymerization. The effects of several grafted PP on the mechanical properties of PA66 / PP alloy are listed in table 4-13. It can be seen from table 4-13 that the compatibilization effect of pp-g-mac is the best, followed by PP-g-DBM, and PP-g-MAH is slightly worse. Coating production line of nylon alloyed non woven waterproof cloth


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