Application of modified polyoxymethylene in automobile

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Application of modified polyoxymethylene in automobile
POM has the following characteristics: 1. In a long time and a wide temperature range, the mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation at break and impact strength remain stable; 2. It still has excellent creep resistance in a wide temperature range and under long-time stress; 3. It has excellent fatigue resistance, and does not cause fatigue damage or damage under cyclic load and continuous vibration load; Because of its high elastic modulus and excellent elastic recovery characteristics, it is widely used as a high-quality spring material; It has excellent friction and wear resistance, long-term sliding characteristics and self-lubricating characteristics, and is widely used as the pawl mechanical parts for oil-free lubrication; 6. It not only has excellent short-term heat resistance, but also has excellent durability in high-temperature air and hot water for a long time; The water absorption rate is low, and there is no problem in practical application; It is resistant to most drugs and oils; 9 has two advantages: excellent molding characteristics and surface luster, good decoration; It can be used in metal insert molding, cutting, welding, printing and other high value-added processing. It is because of the above characteristics that POM and its modified products are widely used. In particular, it is widely used in gear, bearing seat and other mechanical transmission parts, such as video recorder, CD, LD, MD Player, radio, earphone, stereo machine, printer, keyboard, CD-ROM drive, washing machine, dryer, hair dryer, safety belt, steam torque. POM and its modified products are used on the body. POM and its modified products are widely used in door handles, reflectors, engine rooms, cameras, clocks, lighters, toys, game machines, stationery and other products. High speed film laminating machine
Application in automotive fuel supply pump: the automotive built-in fuel supply pump currently used in the market has the characteristics of low vibration, low noise, small size and light weight. However, the pump has end cover, coil end molding cover, armature support, inner blade, steering gear and other plastic parts. The selection of plastic types used in these parts is very strict, because these parts are used in gasoline, and sometimes gasoline also contains methanol, ethanol, water, etc., so the materials used to make these parts should have the characteristics of resistance to mixed fuel oil, and the size change should not be too large, and the strength should not be reduced in long-term use. When discussing the material selection of this kind of pump, we have tried the modification and application of polyoxymethylene, and tested nylon, PBT, POM, phenolic resin, PPS, peek, etc. But the final experimental results are: POM (steel grabbing gc-25r) is used for end cover, POM (steel grabbing gh-25d) is used for coil end molding cover. The reason for choosing these two materials is that the common unfilled POM still has a certain swelling property, so 25% glass fiber reinforced POM is used to overcome this problem. High speed film laminating machine
With the development of automobile, the technology of integrating multiple components into a modular product (Modular Technology) develops rapidly. Fuel pumps are no exception. The components connected with the fuel pipeline between the fuel tank and the engine are called fuel system components. Denso company of Japan has developed the fuel module, which integrates the fuel pump, fuel conveyor, fuel filter, pressure regulator, etc. The fuel (gasoline, etc.) in the fuel tank is pressurized by the fuel pump and sent to the fuel injector through the fuel pipe. On the way, a fuel filter is arranged, which can filter out the impurities in the mixed gasoline and purify the gasoline. Part of the gasoline sent to the injector goes to the pressure regulator. In the process of fuel supply modularization, the design method of placing the pressure regulator at the front of the injector instead of at the back of the injector has also been considered. In addition, if the filter is put into the oil tank together with the oil pump, how to design it? What you can see in the car is the fuel quantity measured by the gasoline conveyor. Can you just put this part into the module? At the same time, due to the change of temperature in the fuel tank, the internal pressure changes due to different heat and cold. Therefore, the valve controlling the internal pressure is also one of the components. Can it be integrated into the module? This series of problems should be considered in the modular design of fuel system. But the general design idea is: try to integrate all the components into the module to achieve integration, and greatly reduce the cost through modularization. In the fuel pump module, only part of the pressure regulator and fuel conveyor which need high pressure use metal materials, and the rest of the structural components use POM and its modified materials. It can be seen that POM materials play a key role in the fuel module. The United States has issued the regulations on the management of automobile oil evaporation, which is a very strict restriction on the amount of oil seeping from the fuel tank. For example: when you buy a new car, you can smell a smell, which is the smell of car paint. The volatilization control of oil volume is more strict than this. POM has good air tightness, which can meet this requirement. High speed film laminating machine


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