Flame retardant MC nylon Poe special embossed film production line

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Flame retardant MC nylon Poe special embossed film production line
There are three flame retardant systems for MC nylon: red phosphorus MgO, pl-10 (containing phosphorus and benzene ring compounds) and sb20 bromide. After pretreatment, the three flame retardant systems were dispersed evenly in MC nylon, and the OI of Mo nylon was increased to 26.8, 25.5 and 25.7, respectively. In a certain range of dosage, it has no obvious effect on the mechanical properties of the material. It is widely used in automobile, machinery, petrochemical, textile, mining, steel and other fields. The development of flame retardant MC nylon has been paid more and more attention by researchers and users, and its social and economic benefits are considerable. Poe special embossing film production line www.www.dressup9x.com
Modified MC nylon: a certain amount of caprolactam monomer and toughening agent are added into the reactor, heated and melted. When the material is nearly completely melted, the vacuum pump is opened, and the material in the reactor is dehydrated by vacuum decompression. When the material is completely melted and reaches 100 ~ 110 ℃, the vacuum system is closed, the feeding port is opened, and a certain amount of catalyst is added into the reactor. Continue to heat and turn on the vacuum system, then reduce the pressure and dehydrate again, so that the ring opening polymerization of caprolactam can proceed in the positive direction. Control the reaction temperature at about 140 ℃ for about 30 min, stop heating and turn off the vacuum system, finally add the catalyst promoter, quickly stir and immediately pour into the pre heated mold, and stop heating after 20 ~ 30 min of heat preservation polymerization, The toughened MC nylon can be obtained by natural cooling to 60 ℃. Performance test of modified MC nylon: Toughened MC nylon and pure MC nylon are processed into samples according to standards and tested for physical and mechanical properties. The compressive strength is tested according to GB 1043-1979, the notch impact strength is tested according to GB 1043-1979, the ball indentation hardness is tested according to GB 3398-1982, and the Martin heat resistance is tested according to GB 1035-1970 For the parts which are required to have good wear resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and sealing performance in the industries of electronics, instrument, automobile, ocean, geology, mining, metallurgy and petroleum, such as the parts used to manufacture steam locomotive rocker, connecting rod shaft sleeve, mining machine sleeve, bearing support, building drive friction wheel and other parts with large impact force and extrusion force, ordinary MC nylon is not competent, It is necessary to use toughened MC nylon to meet the requirements. Poe special embossing film production line www.www.dressup9x.com
Nylon 6 thermoplastic elastomer: first, CI, ptmg1000, HDA, antioxidant and catalyst are added into the glass reactor, the air in the reactor is replaced with nitrogen, then the temperature is raised to 250 ℃, and the material is stirred after melting. After 3 hours of ring opening reaction, vacuum was pumped to carry out pre condensation. The residual pressure was controlled by adjusting the water flow rate. The residual pressure in pre condensation stage was controlled at about 4.66x10 * PA; When the residual pressure reaches 1.06x10'pa, the unreacted CL will start to distill. When there is no obvious distillate, further reduce the residual pressure to below 400pa by mechanical vacuum pump, and discharge after 1 ~ 2H. Performance and application PA6 tpae is transparent, has excellent processability and mechanical properties, and has a wide hardness range (60 shore a ~ 65 Shore D). Therefore, PA6 tpae can compete with TPU and TPEE in many fields, such as sporting goods, sealing materials, electrical parts, automobile parts, pipes, sheets, sheaths and elastic fibers. In addition, it can also be used in some special fields, such as nylon 6 / PEG tpae with water solubility, which can be used in oil exploration and manufacturing of breathable products, PA6 / PCI tpae with biodegradability, which can be used as biodegradable materials, etc. The development direction is: 1. Water soluble tpae, heat-resistant tpae, low hardness tpae, biodegradable tpae, etc. 2. The advantages of hydrolysis ring opening polymerization and anionic ring opening polymerization are combined to develop the synthesis technology with high polymerization yield, short reaction time and good product performance. Poe special embossing film production line www.www.dressup9x.com
Glass fiber reinforced nylon 610 and its radiation modification (1) raw materials, formulation and preparation 1. Main equipment and raw material PA610, melting point 275 ℃, melt flow rate 50g / 10min; TAIC (Triallyl isocyanate), industrial pure; Copper iodide (cul), analytical pure, commercially available; Slj-60 twin screw extruder granulator. Electron beam accelerator: 3MeV, 10mA; GF, model flu-11. 2 formula and sample preparation formula I: PA610: TAIC: cul = 94.9:5.0:0.1 (mass fraction, the same below). The formula II is PA610: GF: TAIC: cul = 64.9:30:5:0.1. Flu-11 GF is an alkali free GF specially used for filling Pa. before use, it is dried in vacuum oven at 85 ℃ for 12h, and PA610 is dried under the same conditions for 12h. The temperature of each section of twin-screw extruder was set at 215, 240, 255 and 240 ℃, the screw speed was 600r / min, the head pressure was l5mpa, and the water tank was used to cool and cut. PA610 pellets filled and unfilled with GF were dried at 85 ℃ for 12 h( 2) Properties and applications: irradiation can significantly improve the mechanical properties of PA610. After 75 kGy electron beam irradiation, the tensile strength of PA610 without GF is increased by 13.0 MPa, that is, by 25%. After irradiation, the tensile strength of PA610 reinforced by GF is also increased by 10.3 MPa, that is, by 13%. In the case of unfilled GF, the bending strength of PA610 was increased by 24.8 MPa and 64% after 75 kGy irradiation, and the bending strength of PA610 was increased by 19.9 MPa and 29% after irradiation. The notched impact strength also increased after irradiation. After irradiation, the increase of PA610 without GF was 8%, and that of gf-pa610 was 24%, which indicated that GF could promote the radiation crosslinking of PA610. The notched impact strength of PA610 reinforced by GF decreased by more than 50%, resulting in the decrease of material flexibility, while the impact strength increased slightly after irradiation, indicating that irradiation can improve the flexibility of PA610 reinforced by GF. After irradiation, the Vicat softening points of PA610 and GF reinforced PA610 are increased, which indicates that the heat resistance grade of PA610 and GF reinforced PA610 can be effectively improved by irradiation. Therefore, after irradiation, the tensile strength, flexural strength and impact strength of gf-pa610 are improved, and the temperature resistance is also improved due to the cross-linking reaction. PA610 is modified by glass fiber filling and electron beam irradiation, which is widely used to process structural parts that can resist high temperature (≥ 150 ℃), brine, oil and strong external impact. Poe special embossing film production line www.www.dressup9x.com


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