Chlorination of polypropylene multifunctional PVC heat sealing embossing machine

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Chlorination of polypropylene multifunctional PVC heat sealing embossing machine
Chlorinated polypropylene (CPP) is a chlorinated modified product of PP with white or yellowish solid appearance. Because of the different chlorine content, it can be divided into high chlorinated PP and low chlorinated PP. The melting point of CPP is 80 ~ 160 ℃, generally about 120 ℃, and the decomposition temperature is 190 ℃. It is soluble in solvents other than alcohols and aliphatic hydrocarbons and has good wear resistance. Aging resistance and acid resistance. At the same time, the polarity of PP can greatly improve the printability of PP, which is mainly used in polyolefin printing ink. At present, the advanced aqueous suspension technology is used in the production of chlorinated PP abroad. From the current consumption situation, although the CPP consumption situation is different in different countries, it is generally 40% for coatings and adhesives, 40% for ink carriers, and 20% for others. The development of CPP in China began in the early 1980s. With the continuous development of China's market economy, since 1999, China's demand for CPP has increased by a large margin, especially in ink and coatings. The average annual demand is increasing by 20%, but it still can not meet the market demand. It needs a large number of imports, especially in the oil and ink industry, which almost all depends on imports. The market potential is very large. The melting point of CPP with different chlorination degree will decrease rapidly with the increase of chlorine content. When the chlorine content is 30%, the melting point is the lowest. CPP with homogeneous or heterogeneous reaction has different lowest melting point, even if the chlorine content is the same, the lowest melting point is also different. The melting conditions of chlorinated isotactic PP and chlorinated random PP are different, and the melting point increases with the increase of random matter. The chlorination degree of low chlorination CPP is 20% ~ 40%, which is mainly used for adhesives, inks and color carriers, such as top coating for PP film heat sealing, adhesive for bi-directional tensile isotactic PP dry layer and paper, etc. Biaxially stretched isotactic PP film is laminated on the printed paper, which can greatly improve the durability, water resistance and color brightness of printed products. It can be used for book covers, advertising products, packaging products, etc. Multifunctional PVC heat sealing embossing machine
CPP is superior to PP in adhesion. It can be used for sealing of PP pipes and coating of PP film, especially for injection molding products such as interior decoration materials, interior decoration coating of automobile, coating of construction and civil equipment, etc. The chlorination degree of CPP with high chlorination degree is 63% ~ 67%, which is used to replace chlorinated rubber. The higher the chlorination degree of CPP, the better the solubility. For CPP with homogeneous reaction and CPP with heterogeneous reaction, the former is easier to dissolve than the latter when the degree of chlorination is equal. CPP with high degree of chlorination is also used as a binder for inks, coatings, paints, etc. it can also be used as a smoldering agent for plastics and rubber. CPP has excellent oil resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance and radiation resistance. After being treated with ammonia, it has semiconductor properties, and is more widely used after being modified with melamine. CPP can be used for bonding carbon powder, manufacturing carbon electrode, polymerization catalyst, special pressure resistance additive, preparation of cutting fluid and medical suppository, softening modifier of fiber textiles, etc. Multifunctional PVC heat sealing embossing machine
According to the different chlorination process, CPP can be divided into solid phase chlorination, suspension aqueous phase chlorination and solution chlorination. At present, homogeneous solution chlorination is widely used in industry. The commonly used solvents are carbon tetrachloride, chlorobenzene and tetrachloroethane to dissolve PP, and then chlorinate it. Azodiisobutyronitrile (AIBN) is used as initiator. Suspension chlorination method uses less solvent than solvent method, which reduces the difficulty of solvent recovery and environmental pollution. It has a certain competitive advantage. At present, there are industrial products. Solid phase chlorination method is to chlorinate PP in powder state in fluidized bed without adding solvent in the chlorination process, so as to reduce environmental pollution and production cost. Multifunctional PVC heat sealing embossing machine


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