Plastic buffer packaging materials

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Plastic buffer packaging materials

       Overview of cushioning packaging materials:

      All packaging materials that can absorb or slow down the impact and vibration of packaged products under the action of external forces during the transportation, loading and unloading process, and protect the goods are called cushioning packaging materials. The range of cushioning packaging materials is very wide: paper scraps, various Fiber, sawdust, foam, etc.

      The packaging characteristics of cushioning packaging materials are as follows: First, the impact energy absorption: that is, it has a good absorption effect on the impact of the product; second, the vibration absorption: The packaged product is not affected by the external impact. In addition, it is also affected by vibration and speed. If the natural frequency of the product is the same as the frequency of the external force of the vibration, there will be common and common, and the amplitude will increase. When it reaches a certain value, the product will be damaged. The cushioning packaging material can absorb the external force of vibration and reduce the amplitude; third, the resilience: the cushioning packaging material will deform under the external load condition, but the external load can be removed and the original form can be restored, namely: static load and impact to the outside world. The deformation caused by the dynamic load of vibration has good resilience; fourth, compression denaturation: the phenomenon of slow deformation of cushioning packaging materials over time under the continuous action of static load is called compression denaturation. This compression deformation should The smaller the better. Fifth, flexibility and good flexibility. Sixth, applicable temperature and humidity: cushioning packaging materials can maintain their good cushioning performance at low temperatures, for example: polyurethane foam can be used up to 30°C, PS foam The lowest operating temperature can reach -20℃, and PE foam can be used up to 50℃. Seventh, the cushioning packaging material is applied with good acid, alkali, grease, organic solvent and salt resistance. Light resistance: good antistatic properties, easy processing and molding , The easy-to-operate industry is cheaper in price, and the discarded materials are easy to be reused and burnt but can be disposed of without causing environmental pollution.


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