Styrofoam Floating Material

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Styrofoam Floating Material
      Because of its light weight, foam plastics can be used to make various floating materials such as lifebuoys, liferafts, etc. The following uses EPS as the raw material to produce lifebuoys and life-saving methods by molding as an example. PS foam plastic lifebuoy molding process flow chart, the core is foam, the outer cover is covered with glass cloth and lining cloth, and then coated with phenolic resin and post-treatment. The specific procedures are as follows.

      Pass 0.1-0.2MPa steam into the mold cavity to preheat for 30, and then evenly spread the release agent polyglycol ether on the surface of the mold cavity, and then use the spray gun to fill the cavity with EFS material, and then install the mold on the hydraulic press , Heated with steam for 1min, temperature 110130℃, and then cooled with water for about 10min to set the shape, and then demoulded to take out the product.

     The molding process of the lifesaving complex is similar, except that the cooling time is about 60 minutes. The schematic diagram of the structure of the foam core forming mold for life-saving and life rafts. During molding, due to the vent holes on the cavity wall, the surface of the product has protrusions. In order to reduce this phenomenon, the vent hole should be smaller than the ES material particle diameter. The mold material is generally made of aluminum alloy, which is easy to process and has good thermal conductivity. The molded core is piled up for several days, then polished, then covered with glass cloth and lining cloth, then coated with phenolic resin, dried and polished, and then covered with oil-resistant canvas, plus straps and ropes. And it is the finished product with paddle.

     Before compression molding, the water in the steam pipe should be removed, so as to avoid the water in the product to increase the bulk density, for the foam with water. It can be cut into part of the epidermis and left standing for a few days to make the water seep out.


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