Post-processing of foam

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Post-processing of foam

       With the expansion of the application range of foam plastics, the performance requirements for foam plastics are also increasing day by day. At the same time, the recycling problem of foam plastics is becoming more and more serious. Therefore, in addition to the prevention of post-shrinkage, post-foaming, maturation, and residual stress elimination, the post-treatment of foam plastics has been mentioned in the previous chapters, and more attention is paid to the surface coating and recycling of foam plastics.

      Surface finishing technology is an important means to improve the performance of foam plastics and increase its added value. For example, after surface coating treatment, SRIM parts reached the apparent quality of sheet metal stamping parts, thus entering the automobile manufacturing market.

      In addition, the surface coating technology not only increases the appearance quality of foam plastic parts, but also can give foam plastic parts new performance through different coatings, such as chemical resistance, UV resistance, radiation resistance and so on.

      On the other hand, due to the low relative density of the foamed plastics and the large amount of use, the aging and scrapping as well as the production of side waste are increasing day by day. The waste problem of foamed plastics due to its low relative density and occupying a large area. In addition, many types of foamed plastics are cross-linked and solidified polymers. The recycling problem is more prominent than that of ordinary plastics.

      Modern processing technology not only continues to make progress in the original physical and chemical recycling technology, but also uses composite molding technology to recycle waste foam plastics, opening up a new way of high-speed and efficient recycling of waste foam plastics.


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