Due to the application of phenolic foam

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Due to the application of phenolic foam
       Because phenolic foam plastic has excellent heat resistance, flame retardancy and chemical resistance, not only the oxygen index is as high as 35, it is difficult to ignite when exposed to an open flame, but also the surface of the plastic is only carbon deposits during forced combustion, and there is little smoke and emission. harmful gas. Therefore, it is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, national defense, transportation and other fields, especially in the application of construction industry. Phenolic foam is compounded with steel, aluminum, etc. to form a sandwich panel, which not only has excellent heat insulation performance, but also retains the unique strength of metal materials. It can be widely used in fire isolation walls, walls and roof ceilings.
      Phenolic foam is used for the thermal insulation of chemical and petrochemical containers, equipment and pipelines. Its use temperature is relatively high, and it can be used for thermal insulation of general hot water and steam pipelines below 0.4MPa. It is more widely used in transportation such as shipbuilding, automobiles, trains, airplanes, etc., such as air ducts and partitions for airplanes, automobile floors and floor support parts, ship floors, thermal insulation pipes, refrigerated containers, and cargo holds. Wait.
      1. Wet-process phenolic foam
      It is mainly used as insulation materials, plates and sandwich panels for the construction industry, insulation of trucks, trucks and cabins. Use neoprene and polyvinyl chloride as a protective layer, or cover with linoleum and asphalt, which can be used as low-temperature insulation materials.
      Phenolic foam can be used as a sound-absorbing board to make foamed carbon. Foamed carbon can withstand a high temperature of 330°C and is an excellent fire-resistant insulating material. Glass fiber reinforced phenolic foam can be used as an outer packaging material for nuclear fission raw materials. For example, phenolic foam with a density of 96kg/m3 can protect bottles containing hexafluoride during transportation. It is shock-proof and can be as high as 1200 At ℃, prevent fire. The foam made with acid-oxalic acid as a catalyst can attenuate the neutron flow.

     2. Dry-process phenolic foam

     The use is the same as wet-process phenol foam. In addition, there are aluminum high-density foam plastic composite parts that can be used as the suspension chassis of the tank to reduce the weight of the vehicle. The low-density foamed aluminum composite parts are used as the partitions of the tank to surround the engine to reduce the hazards of heat and noise to the personnel in the vehicle. In addition, the aluminum foam plastic composite parts can also be used as the tail wing of the missile.


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