Safety technical measures in production

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Safety technical measures in production

      Several raw materials and additives used in the production of polyurethane foam have certain toxicity, especially organic isocyanates. Every operator must understand and master its toxicity and safety measures.
      Isochlorate is a kind of toxic chemicals with great reactivity. The toxic gas produced after volatilization can irritate the eyes and respiratory system. The general symptoms are tearing, dry mouth and sore throat. In severe cases, it can cause respiratory infections and cause asthma. Direct contact with skin and mucous membranes can cause burns. In addition, people who are sensitive to isocyanates can cause severe allergic reactions if they smell or come into contact with the vapor. Strict safety technical measures must be adopted in production. The following points must be paid attention to when handling iso-esters.
      ① Be very cautious during operation and pay attention to cleaning. During operation and storage, contact with amines, alcohols, water, carboxylic acids and other compounds containing active hydrogen must be strictly avoided. The reaction equipment and container containing the isocyanate must be dry and isolated from water and humid air.
      ②When operating, the staff must wear gloves and goggles, and when wearing protective gowns, try to stand on the upper air vent when operating, and avoid contact with skin and inhalation of vapor.
      ③When a small amount of isochlorate overflows, wipe it off with cotton thread immediately, and clean the floor with a liquid neutralizer (see Table 520 for the formula). When a large amount of spillage occurs, immediately wear a protective mask, cover it with a solid neutralizer (see Table 5-20 for the formula), clean up after a few minutes, and rinse the ground with water.
      ④The production workshop should have good ventilation conditions and exhaust equipment. The concentration of toluene diisocyanate in the air shall not exceed 2×10-8. When inhaling its vapor, if the time is short and the amount of inhalation is small, you should immediately go to a place with fresh air; if you inhale a large amount, you should immediately perform artificial respiration or oxygen infusion, and ask a doctor for treatment.
      ⑤When the skin comes into contact with isocyanate, it should be washed with ethanol first, then soap, and finally washed with shower. If it splashes on the eyes, it should be rinsed with cold water for 15 minutes. After washing, please seek medical treatment immediately. When clothes are dyed with isocyanate, they need to be treated with liquid neutralizer, and then washed thoroughly with water.


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