Application of foam plastic in construction

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Application of foam plastic in construction
      There are many types of polyurethane plastics used in construction, including ammonia foam, waterproof coatings, glues, materials, and paving materials. Among the ammonia foam concentrates, the application of high-quality ammonia foam plastics in construction, High-quality hydrogen foam plastic is used as a construction material and absorbent material. The rigid ammonia foam plastic has great applications and fronts. Here we mainly introduce the application of the high-quality polyurethane foam material in construction. 1. Color board Ammonia foam sandwich panel
      The color steel plate polyurethane foam sandwich panel has been used in foreign countries for more than 30 years. The thermal conductivity of polyurethane is low, and the mechanical properties are excellent. The available temperature range of the produced polyurethane foam sandwich panel is 50120℃, but because of its high price (the difference per cubic meter is nearly 6-8 times compared with polystyrene foam sandwich panels), the market is smaller than polyethylene foam sandwich panels, and it is suitable for use at temperatures exceeding polystyrene foam sandwich panels. The engineering that vinyl endures. Due to its high price, some small companies use low-density polyurethane foam sheet coating and recombination to reduce costs, but this is only suitable for small-sized projects, and the bonding strength between iron plate and foam It is worse than the direct molding, and it is prone to cracking during construction.
      2. Aluminum plate polyurethane foam plastic composite board
       German POLYALPAN company introduced a kind of heat insulation board of aluminum plate-polyurethane foam aluminum foil structure to the country, which is divided into two specifications (the maximum length is 16m), the thickness is 25mm, the width is 500mm, the thickness is 50mm, and the width is 420mm. The front and the sides bent into a hook shape are 048mm thick aluminum plates (with 25m poly coating on the surface), and the back is 0.06mm thick aluminum foil (with 46pm poly coating on the surface). In the middle is rigid polyurethane foam (with a density of 40kg/m). Its fire resistance is flame retardant Class B (according to DN4102-1).
       When used, the aluminum panel polyurethane foam plastic composite panel is installed vertically, the two sides are hooked with each other, and then fixed with iron nails on the wooden keel outside the load-bearing wall of the building to form the external wall insulation veneer (and also between the load-bearing wall). There is an air insulation layer). Aluminium foam plastic composite panel with aluminum plate has good thermal insulation effect. Its K value is only 12m2K/W. There are 16 colors, 3 different surface structures, and the surface can be surfaced. Therefore, this panel is durable, shock-proof and anti-shock. It has the advantages of washing, weatherproof and atmospheric erosion. An existing domestic insulation board for exterior walls is similar to German POLYALPAN board. The material of this kind of board is a composite board consisting of four layers of decorative coating, outer aluminum polyurethane foam and inner aluminum. It has a light weight (3.5kg/m), good thermal insulation effect, and good use effect.


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