High-strength polyurethane structural foam molding

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High-strength polyurethane structural foam molding
     1. Application
     High-strength polyurethane structural foam is a high-density polyurethane rigid foam developed on the basis of the whole skin molding process, which has good rigidity and strength. This material is mainly used in three areas.
     ①High-quality wood for micro-carving decorations
     ②Daily chair core and support materials.
     ③Construction materials for furniture or construction (doors and windows, etc.).
      2. Features
      Because the high-strength polyurethane structural foam has the above uses, it can be used instead of high-grade wood, so some people call this material polyurethane "synthetic wood". The characteristics of polyurethane "synthetic wood" are as follows.
      ①The repeatability of the product is extremely good, not only can mold a certain product size, but also mold realistic wood textures and other patterns
      ②The appearance and feel are close to wood, and the molding process is simple.
      ③The mold can be made of aluminum, iron or plastic, and the price is low.
      From the point of view of physical and mechanical properties, polyurethane "synthetic wood" is the best one among the "synthetic wood" produced by various polymers, and the performance can also be controlled by adjusting the density. The properties of various "synthetic wood" are shown in Table 5-16.
       The synthetic formula of high-strength polyurethane structural foam is basically similar to other rigid foams. The only difference is the amount of foaming agent. Now give an example.
       It can be seen from Table 5-16 that the superior physical properties of the whole skin structure polyurethane "synthetic wood" are related to the density distribution of the foam. The usual polyurethane foam is gradually enlarged from the surface of the center, while the whole skin structure foam has a density difference of 3`6 times between the core and the skin, and it has a layer of high density, non-foaming, and hard skin.


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