The development of modern plastic packaging industry in Wuhan

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The development of modern plastic packaging industry in Wuhan

      Among the synthetic trees, 25% are used in the packaging industry. For this reason, the plastic packaging industry is an important sector in the packaging industry. Plastic packaging is one of the four major materials in the packaging industry: paper and cardboard account for 30%, and plastics account for 25%. %, metal accounts for 20%, glass accounts for 15%, the above two 25% fully demonstrate the importance of the plastic packaging industry. Although the plastic packaging industry is now the second packaging material, its application is not as good as the packaging of paper and cardboard, but the material packaging industry is developing at a rate of 5% every year, and other packaging materials, including paper and cardboard, metal, glass, Ceramics, linen and cotton are only growing at a rate of 2%. For this reason, one day the plastic packaging industry will surpass paper and cardboard as the first packaging material. Hollow panel production line
      The plastic packaging industry is developing with the continuous development of plastic raw materials, the continuous progress of molding process and automation. Not only are the varieties and shapes different, but also packaging materials that can meet high barrier and resistance to various killing conditions have emerged in terms of performance. The previous high steaming bag was only developed by the US Naval Research Institute for navigator food packaging (the price is expensive). Since I successfully developed this convenient and energy-saving plastic packaging material, it has developed at a rapid rate of more than 25% every year, not only for personal consumption of 1kg per bag, but also for large-scale high-temperature cooking with more than 2kg bags for business use. The shape of the bag has also been developed from the ordinary three-side sealing compound bag to the stand-up bag, the four-body bag and other types. According to statistics, the structure of the high-temperature cooking bag has increased from the original two and three layers to more than 100. With different materials and different levels of structure, nearly 1,000 kinds of various foods and dishes are packaged to meet the needs of the people, and are also exported from Japan to some countries with similar eating habits to Japan. In 1990, there were 40 manufacturers specializing in the production of high-temperature cooking bags in Japan, and in 195, the number increased to 53. Statistics in 1990: About 50% of curry foods, about 25% of aquatic products and soup foods are packed in high temperature steaming bags. Hollow panel production line
      In terms of packaging containers, the original packaging containers for beverages were glass bottles, followed by paper composite cans, and then PET bottles. Now rigid PET bottles are the largest packaging material for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, accounting for 19 years in the United States. 26-5% of beverage packaging containers, glass bottles have dropped from 289% in 1981 to 19.56%, aluminum ancient 39% and material bottles are growing rapidly with an annual growth rate of more than 3%. It can be said that even in countries where the plastic packaging industry has suffered the most, such as Italy and other countries, the molding material will continue to develop at a much faster rate than other packaging materials, because many of the characteristics of plastic are other Any kind of packaging material cannot be replaced. While occupying the sales and packaging industry, the plastic packaging industry has developed towards transportation packaging, which will eventually force the "transportation packaging" that is still dominated by metal to be replaced by plastic. Hollow panel production line


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