PVC color composite floor tiles

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PVC color composite floor tiles
     1. Material selection and formula design
      (1) After screening the carrier resin, the loose SG2-5 resin by suspension polymerization method has a viscosity coefficient of 107-143 mg/ml, an apparent density of 0.42-0.45 g/ml, and a plasticizer absorption of 100 g of resin ≥ 19g, volatile matter (including water) content ≤0.4%, 60 mesh (0.25mm) sieving rate ≥98%.
     (2) Filler The filler is a spherical additive material. The primary purpose of using fillers is to increase production and reduce costs, but while meeting the purpose, fillers often show other modification effects, such as improving the processing properties and physical properties of plastics. There are many kinds of fillers, and the common ones are calcium carbonate, silicate, oxide, metal powder, etc. The proportion of the filler in the raw material plays a decisive role in the cost and performance of the product. Therefore, the heavy calcium carbonate with low cost, large filling amount and strengthening effect is selected. The filler and PVC have thermal stability in the extrusion process, which can reduce the amount of thermal stabilizer. At the same time, low-cost thermal stabilizers such as calcium stearate can be used to replace high-priced thermal stabilizers. Considering the requirements of the production process, the heavy carbon calcium that passes through the 400-mesh sieve is selected.
     (3) Coupling agent In order to improve the wettability and adhesion of the polymer to the filler, on the premise of not reducing the performance of the product, the amount of the filler should be increased, and the filler should be coupled to make the filler and the PVC resin. Compatibility is improved, which facilitates product molding. In this example, a monoalkoxy pyrophosphate type titanate coupling agent (TTOPP-38S) is used.
     (4) Plasticizers, heat stabilizers and other additives are selected as the main plasticizer according to the physical properties and production, modification mechanism and process requirements of the product. Dioctyl phthalate (DOP) It has high plasticizing efficiency, low volatility, low UV resistance, low water extraction and migration, and good cold resistance, softness and electrical properties. It is an ideal plasticizer. At the same time, calcium stearate (CaSt) was selected as heat stabilizer, stearic acid (HSt) was selected as lubricant, and some other additives were selected as auxiliary heat stabilizer, lubricant and flame retardant.
     (5) The formula design is shown in Table 2-43. The raw and auxiliary materials and auxiliaries such as PVC resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, flame retardant, calcium carbonate, lubricant, etc. are used in the formula, and the best process parameters are selected to make the It has good processing properties, so as to make the physical properties and other properties of PVC plastic color composite floor tiles. meet the index requirements.


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