PVC sheet production equipment

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PVC sheet production equipment
      The PVC sheet production line is imported from the Italian AMUT company. This equipment can produce the thickness of the film in the range of 0.15-1.5mm.
      (1) Twin-screw vacuum-vented extruder The twin-screw vacuum-vented extruder model is BA-100, the extrusion motor power is 44kW, the heating power is 51kW, the screw diameter is 100mm, and the aspect ratio is 21:1 , the screw speed is 4 ~ 40r/min.
     (2) The inner cavity of the machine head is a coat hanger structure, the width of the die lip is 1146mm, and the variable gap of the die lip is 0.15-1.6mm. It is heated in five stages with a power of 14kW.
     (3) The width of the calender roll of the three-roll calender is 1200mm, and the diameters of the upper, middle and lower rolls are 247mm, 340mm and 340mm respectively. Each of the three rollers has a set of independent circulating heating water temperature adjustment device, and the heating power is 36kW. The three rollers and the traction roller are adjusted synchronously. At the same time, the lower roller and the traction roller are also equipped with a fine-tuning device to maintain a certain tension of the film.
     (4) The model of the high-speed kneader is CH-200DQ, the total volume is 0.2m3, the effective volume is 0.14m, the outer wall is heated by electricity, the power is 9W, the stirring speed is 475r/min and 950rmin, and the motor power is 28kW/ 40kW.
     (5) The model of the low-speed cold mixer is LH-400, the total volume is 0.4m3, the effective volume is 0, 14m, the jacket circulating water is used for cooling, the stirring speed is 125 r/min, the motor power is 11kW, and the amount of cooling water is 0,027m3/mino
     (6) The model of the mechanical vibrating screen is KDS-1000, the screen diameter is 1000mm, the vibration frequency is 1400 times/min, and the motor power is 1IkW.


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