Multi-layer co-extrusion cast pasture wrapping film

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Multi-layer co-extrusion cast pasture wrapping film

      The pasture wrapping film is self-adhesive, has strong weather resistance, and has excellent puncture resistance and impact resistance. Compared with traditional methods, using it to preserve forage silage has less loss and waste, flexibility and convenience, good quality of silage products, no environmental pollution, low cost, High efficiency and long shelf life make it a leader in forage packaging materials.
      1. Selection and formulation design
      (1) Main raw materials
      1) PE-mLLD, SP2040, produced by Mitsui Co., Ltd., Japan.
      2) Whitening and shading masterbatch, E370, produced by Foshan Yuntong Plastic Auxiliary Factory.
      3) The viscosity-increasing masterbatch, PW60, produced by Polytech Company.
      (2) Formula In order to determine the ratio of each component, and select the best melting temperature, casting temperature and production speed, etc., based on the results of previous research and technical exchanges, the design plan is as follows: 1) Only add whitening and shading masterbatch The core layer is added in an amount of 1% to 5%; 2) The tackifying masterbatch is added to the core layer and the contact layer of the flow roll, and the addition amount is 2% to 5%; 3) The production speed is 150 to 200m/min, and the thickness is 20~25m, extrusion temperature is 260~280℃, casting temperature is 20~25℃.
      2. Main equipment
      1) Multi-layer co-extrusion cast film production line, produced by WH Company in Germany.
      2) Melt flow rate tester, CEAST6941, Italian PIANEZZA-TORI-N0 company.
      3) Tensile machine, TIRAtest2702, Germany TRY Machinery Manufacturing Company. 4) Thickness gauge, 1202D, Mahr, Germany.
      5) Electronic scale, TCS-1000, METTLER TOLEDO (Changzhou) Weighing Equipment System Co., Ltd.


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