PVC Calendered Foamed Floor Leather

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PVC Calendered Foamed Floor Leather
      In the vast rural areas of the Three Norths in my country, there are mainly three kinds of kang and floor materials used by people: all-plastic PVC floor leather, non-woven fabric-based Kang cloth leather and foam floor leather. Among them, the foamed floor leather has the highest grade. The foamed leather is divided into two types: calendered foamed leather and scratched foamed leather. This example focuses on the production technology of calendered foamed floor leather. Compared with ordinary calendered floor leather, the production process of foamed floor leather has higher technical requirements and more equipment. In addition to a full set of calendering production lines, a three-layer laminating machine, a 30-beam foaming oven and other equipment are also required. Therefore, the produced foamed leather is better than ordinary all-plastic floor leather in terms of thickness, hand feeling and comfort. Thermal insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
     1. Formula design of PVC foam floor leather
     As a civilian product for kang and floor covering, foamed floor leather should have certain abrasion resistance, impact resistance, tensile strength, tear resistance, aging resistance and flame retardancy. The cells are required to be fine and uniform, without openings.
     (1) PVC resin According to the characteristics of foam floor leather production, the raw material of the bottom layer is PVC SG-4 resin with a small degree of polymerization. In addition, a small amount of recycled materials from the corners of PVC non-foamed products are added to the raw materials of the foamed bottom layer.

     (2) The plasticizer uses DOP with good compatibility, good photothermal stability, low volatility, low temperature resistance and low toxicity as plasticizer, and supplemented by a small amount of epoxy ester.
     (3) The stabilizer selects Ba-Cd-Zn composite stabilizer, barium stearate, aluminum stearate, EC-O3, and selects SCC-1 as foam stabilizer in addition.
     (4) Lubricant In order to improve the fluidity of the plastic melt, reduce the friction of the material to the equipment, and reduce the decomposition of AC during the calendering process, stearic acid is selected as the lubricant.
     (5) As the foaming agent, azodicarbonamide (AC), which is widely used in PVC processing, has a large amount of gas and is relatively cheap, is selected as the foaming agent.
     (6) As the filler, CaCO3 with low price, wide source and good dimensional stability of the product is used as the filler.
     (7) Formulation of foamed bottom layer The formula of foamed bottom layer (in parts by mass) is as follows: PVC-SC4, 80 parts; unfoamed recycled material, 20 parts; DOP, 35-45 parts; epoxy ester, 3.0 parts; Ba-Cd -Zn composite stabilizer, 2.0 parts; barium stearate, 0.8 parts; aluminum stearate, 0.8 parts; EC-03, 2.2 parts; stearic acid, 0.48 parts; AC slurry (1:1), 11 parts; CaC0, 21 parts; SCC-1, 0.5-1 part.


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